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Nephilim Angel Records


Nephilim Angel Records was founded at the end of 2008. The company started out as, one person standing up for music that deserved to be heard by the masses of the world. As months passed Nephilim Angel Records turned into a home for musical artists of all kind.

Nephilim Angel Records is expanding everyday as a company as well as its roster of clients. Here at Nephilim Angel Records everyday is a new chance to discover music and help artists in anyway that we can.

“Nephilim Angel Records, The Place Where Music Has Wings To Fly”

multiple worldwide opportunities & exposure: Allen Johnston


My opportunities include licensing, sub-publishing, distribution, performing and direct label deals. High quality musicianship, good work effort, a willingness to be humble and a GREAT song is a must.

My company now has non exclusive sync licensing opportunities available in movies, trailers, commercials and web commercials. Specialty songs, instrumentals and music from every genre will be considered.

Counsel on Electronic music production


Steven Botting Director / composer - The Numatik Lab / Big Kahuna Music With over 10 years in the music business I have vast experience with producing electronic music for clubs, Record labels and more recently all types of media. Whether you are in need of an energetic club production for your advert, TV project or film I will be able to give honest feedback on your music and if I like the sound of what I hear I can give advice and help in getting your music licensed to labels, compilations, media and more!!!

NYC's top booking agency


TMG will help you with beginning to set you on the right track with your career and what you aspire to be in music. Specifically self management, booking, promotion.

TMG has booked shows and worked with THOUSANDS of artists to put together showcases that artists and all involved can be proud to be part of. We have worked with such venues as… * The Annex, NYC * Don Hill’s, NYC * Uncle Mike’s, NYC * 507 Grand, Brooklyn, NY * 169 Bar, NYC * Mantra 989, NYC * Julep, NYC * Playwright, New Haven, CT * Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT * The Standing Stone, Hartford, CT * Sidestreet, Hamden, CT * Luna Lounge, NYC * Fontana’s, NYC * Crash Mansion, NYC * Ace of Clubs, NYC * Sullivan Hall, NYC * Desmond’s Tavern, NYC * Kenny’s Castaways, NYC * Ace Of Clubs, NYC * Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY * Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY * National Underground, NYC * The Bowery Electric, NYC

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We are working very hard to make improvements, understand your needs and provide a service that is an artist's first stop to get feedback on their new songs and then place them in exposure and revenue-generating opportunities. We can only get better if we get your feedback from time to time.

Please help us understand how you use Music Xray, what you like, dislike and where we can improve.

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Morris Music - Seeking Great Original Music to License


We are proud of our artists who have had great success licensing their music to film and television. We have licensed music to various shows including The Ghost Whisperer (CBS) starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, teenage cult hit One Tree Hill (WB), and even Brothers & Sisters (ABC), starring multi-award-winner Sally Field and TV legend Calista Flockhart. One of our artists, Ronny Morris even won last year’s prestigious Hollywood Music Award for Best Song in a US Television Series -- so we certainly know the effect great music can have on the big screen, as well as the small.

So what do we offer?

Our ethos is brilliantly simple. We offer a company that succeeds and grows along with its artists. If we get results, you get results. If we don't, you lose nothing and we gain nothing. No promises -- just a hard-working approach to developing a real marketplace.

We license independent music, and we give our clients in the film and television industries what they need -- real music, made by real artists, in a real business that continues to be lucrative and is growing faster than ever.

Music Xray's "Promote Your Song" Contest - (free submission)


Free submission. Top Three artists will win $150 to spend on Music Xray. Contest ends April 6th, 2010.

Music Xray recently launched new social features right on your Song Presentation Pack. These help you and your fans, as well as those who just happen to stumble upon your song share it with their friends and the world. To launch these new features, Music Xray is going to give three artists $150 to spend on Music Xray just for promoting one of their songs this week. Simply submit your song for free right here to signal your intention to compete. Then, we will track the number of hits your song's Music Xray Song presentation Pack gets all week long and we'll send you the results on Tuesday April 6th. The top three artists will win $150 to spend on Music Xray. Plus, the fact your song got so many hits will certainly get the attention of some of the industry professionals who will be hearing from you. Here are some tips to help you compete: Tweet your Song Presentation Pack's url and ask others to retweet it. Post your song to Facebook and ask others to repost. Email your song's URL to others and ask them to tweet, post and forward it to others. Embed your Song Presentation Pack (see your "Share" modulein blogs and other sites and ask others to do the same. Conduct a song survey (see your "Song Survey" module) and get others to respond to questions about your song and have them pass it along.

New Tunes From Music Xray

The One That Got Away by Gail Swanson and Willie Nelson http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15506/public Wish You Could ft. The Experiment by Yes Lord http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15509/public Slow Wind by BaybKing http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15522/public Always Be a Bad Girl by Madam V.I.P - cool hip hop female artist http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15528/public When The Lights Went Out by The Lovedays http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15530/public U Turn by David Scott Bartky/Barry Brown http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15531/public One Night Memory by David Scott Bartky/Dean Olawski - beautiful song http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15532/public Silent Prayer by Julia Messenger http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15540/public All Things by Justin Honaman http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15552/public Beautiful by Jessie Grace http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15563/public Closer by Ed McCoyd - New pop artist http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15565/public Help Me Love Again by Andrew Boss http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15569/public Near The End by Ray Pacheco - something fresh http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15574/public Spiritualized by Jason Swindle http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15578/public Touching, Talking, Laughing, Loving by Hillary Chapman http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15604/public Picking Up Speed by Ben Labat and The Happy Devil http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15609/public Baggage And Blues by Richie Fontana http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15630/public Life in the City by Yes Lord http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15632/public Individuality by Taylor Ivy - amazing voice http://present.musicxray.com/xrays/15638/public

BMI affiliated publisher accepting submissions to catalog


Skin & Barrel Music is a BMI affiliated publisher that has been successfully placing music since 1999. There are currently 183 Skin & Barrel Cues active on shows airing this quarter. We are not trying to create a giant clearing house type catalog. When we do add a work to our catalog it's because we think we can find a place for it. We do not sign artists to exclusive first right of refusal contracts. We evaluate each piece of music on it's own merits.

Trance'd Radio Show - Looking for Brand New Trance Music Artists


Stevie Cripps Presenter - Trance'd FM: I am a radio presenter and producer working in the UK.

As well, I write music, I provide radio imaging to some of the biggest Dance DJ's in the world including Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, John Digweed and Armin Van Buuren. We are looking for Trance guest mixes to show case on the Trance'd radio Show. The show goes out live in Fire Radio 107.6FM in the UK and across the world online. We'll check out each mix when we can and contact the successful candidates with the date of airplay.