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Music For A Soy Milk Commercial - Winning Song Will Receive USD$1,050


We are seeking musicians who would love to obtain more opportunities in original music composition for TV commercials, jingles, events, etc The winning song will receive USD$1050

The brief is for a project for a TV commercial advertisement. Hurry! The closing date for submission is on 17th Mar 2010 (by 11.59pm Singapore time).

Purpose: For a 30-seconds soy milk commercial ad

Project Requirements:

A 30 second English song jingle (be accompanied with vocals and please submit your short lyrics in the message section or in the Music Xray lyrics module). Click in to this opportunity to see the full brief.

Get a Song Review in Print, Blogs & Beyond from New Beats Media


Think of New Beats as an army of journalists and bloggers. Submit music to them for a chance to have your music reviewed in print, the web and beyond.

New Beats Media is a new company registered in the UK. Our writers are of varied experience and they work for us as volunteers. They are all passionate about music and many of them are musicians themselves. The basic things we offer at the moment is reviews, interviews and music news for all entertainment sectors. Submit your song for consideration and we'll be in touch if we can write something up about you and/or your song.

Songs Needed Urgently - In the Style of Lady Gaga & Black Eyed Peas


Ten Productions are working on a top priority project in Barcelona and need songs in English in the style of Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas. Songs will be selected through Music Xray!

Brothers Toni & Xasqui Ten are some of Spain's top producers with multiple gold, platinum and diamond selling albums under their belts. They produce for various national tv programs and all Spanish Idol recordings.

They've been at it since 1988 and their international profile is building, having worked in New York with Grammy-winning producer Ric Wake and in the UK on several top projects.

Get Insight Into Writing Your Hit With Feedback from Scobie Ryder


Successful / "Hit" songwriting... is the very foundation of the music industry. It is all about "The Song"....You Cannot Polish A Turd. One hit song will totally change your life.

Scobie Ryder - Multiple Gold award winning songwriter producer offers feed back and advice. Ryder has experienced the full spectrum of the music & multimedia industries: From working with small labels and innovative production companies, through to large scale, externally financed, recording projects for major league clients. Successfully completing advertising agency work for Smirnoff International and directing several pop videos. Scobie continues to work freelance as a writer & director on various original Children’s television ideas including: Morris the Million Dollar Mole & Nervous Wrecks (the underwater soap for children) and has recently (finally) completed his long-term Sci-fi Film concept “Two Worlds Collide”. He says "I can help you understand the essential elements required for a Hit Song. The difference between a great song ...and a hit song can in fact be tiny. The trick is knowing how to build on the core idea...and find clarity in content." I will bring my considerable experience to bear on assessing the strengths and weaknesses in your music submissions and guide you towards that elusive Hit.

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If you find otherwise, contact us and we will fix the problem.

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Have a written conversation about your career & music with Peter Swartling


Want to go deep? Submit a song and start a conversation with me about your music. I'll dedicate my time and attention to answering your questions, providing my feedback and advice and offering any help I can in getting your music and career to the next level.

This conversation allows for 5 pingbacks.

what's a pingback? A pingback happens everytime there is a question and response. For example, you may ask, "what do you think of this song"? A pingback is only deducted from the total purchased when the MIP responds, and not before. This method of conducting a conversation allows you to send another message without it counting against your total up untill the point that the MIP responds.

All Female Record Label Seeking Talented Female Bands


MK Records is an agency for alternative female musicians (electronic, industrial, metal) focusing on underground talent. Home to Experiment Haywire, Syrenn, Lady Parasyte, and Trimetrick we seek to provide you with the new evolution of riot grrl.

We are seeking talented female acts. We look forward to receiving your song submissions.

Seeking an Artist to Develop & Produce for My Next Project


Julius D. Givens, Music Producer at Big House Entertainment is seeking an artist to develop and produce for his next project. He says, "I like to prepare an artist for the long haul so they are well rounded and around for years to come making great music that stands the test of time." In describing the type of artist he is seeking he says, "I am looking for songs and artists with the Luther Vandross, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Heavy D, Jaheim style.... songs with a clever spin on dealing with life's everyday situations from a spiritual point of view... with current R&B, Hip Hop musical style."

Submit Your Song For A Critique


Are you looking to get good advice from a music industry professional on the best ways to move your career forward as an independent artist?

Do you want to learn the secrets of how the music industry actually works, as opposed to how you THINK it works?

Would you like to find out some of the tips and techniques on how to promote your music more effectively?

How about the real story on getting your music signed to a label?

The team of professionals at MyMusicSuccess have over 25 years experience in the media, marketing, and music industries. We know how the music industry operates because we talk to the leading music companies and industry professionals at Midem, Popkomm and other music industry tradeshows every year.

Seeking Hip Hop & RnB Music


Big Apple Style Marketing - accepting Hip-hop/RnB music at this time! This includes music videos, professionally recorded live performances, and audio - ringtones too. The music can be a variety of genres from underground to neo-soul to fusion, as long as it's professionally recorded.