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Song and Lyric Critique from Martin H. Samuel


Submit your song to Martin H.Samuel for a critique on your song structure and lyric.

Martin H. Samuel is a published and recorded lyricist, with years logged as a touring and studio musician.

Born, in Kenya with perfect metre, Martin H. Samuel was a recording studio session drummer in London (with many hours logged at the BBC), Cologne, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu. When not recording (for the Penny-Farthing label), touring with, among others and going as far back as, Ben E. King and the Drifters.

The Count, in "Pirate Radio" the movie, was inspired by real-life Emperor Rosko (of Radio Caroline) and the Rosko International Roadshow (the largest traveling disco in the world) that included a 6-piece band called Crew with Martin on drums. As a published and recorded lyricist (ASCAP), Martin co-wrote the "Eclipse" CD songs featuring vocalist Rick Livingstone of The Best.

Martin collaborated with Lisa Nemzo on songs for her albums on Metronome Records, LCM Records and, co-wrote "Turn To Me" on "Unlock My Heart" by Dream Wild Records.

A song by Martin was included by Audrey Landers on a Polydor Records album and, Martin also worked with Robert Allen on the Sha-La Records album by DownTown Mystic.

Obtain a Song Critique from Acoustic Purist: Mickey Cochran


Mickey Cochran is an acoustic purist, 5 string banjo, 6 string banjo, 12 string banjo, octave mandolin, mandola, dobro, fiddle.... if that is your genre, submit your song for a professional critique.

Mickey Cochran has over 30 years' experience as a professional multi-instrumentalist. His dedication to acoustic music continues today through his writing, teaching, recording and web development career.

He has also worked for many years as a music instructor utilizing his own teaching methodologies; these very same unique methods are well reflected throughout his published titles. Mickey always believed that it's far more valuable to establish a solid foundation with proper positioning on an instrument before learning one song after another as is usually taught in standard songbooks. His dedication to acoustic music continues today through his writing, teaching, recording and web development career. "

Just a couple things

We wanted to tell you that we've posted a couple new submission opportunities that are completely free.

Click here to get a free song critique?? from Grammy-winning producer & industry vet Frankie Biggz. This guy is sharp and his feedback is no nonsense. http://www.musicxray.com/x/2010/2/4/get-a-free-song-critique-from-grammy-winner-frankie-biggz.html

Click here to get a free song critique from Frenchy Gloder. Another great resource. Really solid critiques. http://www.musicxray.com/x/2010/2/4/get-a-free-song-critique-and-advice-from-frenchy-gloder.html

The Torrez Music Group is under the gun to find music for their opportunities. Now is a good time to submit music. http://www.musicxray.com/x/2010/2/4/multiple-opportunities-exposure-to-the-nashville-music-marke.html

Set yourself up to receive song submissions & conduct critiques.

We're going to open up a new section called artist to artist critiques. So, if you would like to set yourself up with a drop box and make yourself available to other artists or if you're seeking songs for any other purpose, you're invited to open a Music industry professional (MIP) account.

These are the steps:

1. Sign-up here (on the left side of the page as an MIP) http://submit.musicxray.com/login 2. Fill out the fields for your profile and bio. 3. Create an interaction (drop box). 4. IMPORTANT - Once you're done go back to the dashboard and REQUEST APPROVAL. We'll approve (most likely) and you'll be ready to go.

ALSO IMPORTANT - Be sure to go to the settings section and customize it the way you want it.

You can click the marketing section to see banners and buttons you can display on your blogs and websites to show visitors how you prefer to take song submissions.

You can also invite others to the service through our invitation system.

Please do not create an MIP profile for the purpose of promoting your own music. We won't approve those. MIP profiles and drop boxes are for receiving the music of others.

We will feature some of your drop boxes on the site and in our emails.

Have a great weekend.

The Music Xray Team

Get a Song Review & Critique from Mark Hansen


Mark Andrew Hansen has over 30 years of experience in music education and in the art of songwriting and engineering/producing. He offers a detailed and constructive review and critique of any song submitted. Mark has taught songwriting as well as written over 300 songs and 600 instrumental pieces in most genres.

As a Sydney based pianist, guitarist and composer, has released 4 albums of instrumental music and one Children’s album over the last 17 years. His new album “Love, Lullabies and Fairytales” includes one orchestral lullaby to start it off and then 5 adult-contemporary songs. The 6 pieces complete the cycle of desire from dreams, to longing, then lust, love, loss and sorrow.

Mark was a finalist in the 2006 USA Songwriting Competition and a runner-up in the 2006 National Australian Songwriting Competition. His composing covers may genres from classical orchestral, jazz and pop, to children’s songs, novelty, folk and rock. Mark lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and also writes books and articles about music, and invents musical products.