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Traces of Lace
Traces of Lace  (over 11 years ago)
Newusb Radio @ www.newusb.co.uk is my absolute favorite place to be! Ray Rocks!
BlackDogHat  (over 11 years ago)
Cheers guys! We love NEWUSB
L-TRIZZ  (over 11 years ago)
I want everyone to know that the dude PRESTIGIOUZ, is not actually listening to nobody's music, he keeps copying & posting the same message on everyone's comments. So I'm doing him the favor of exposing him. (If you don't belive me go to some other artists' page and you'll see the same shit, no lie!)Oh yeah, I copied and past this message to everyone he sent that bullshit to! I hate people like him, who act like they're listening and really not! Fuck him!
SteelSoul  (over 11 years ago)
Hello Ray & Lace Have a Rockin' Day! Tone D
Extraballe  (over 11 years ago)
Howdy MANCHESTER how is it going* Tender is the North* U do a great Job!* Much Love & Metta Jay Jay
Hannu Lepisto
Hannu Lepisto  (over 11 years ago)
Thank You for the love and support! NewUsb Rocks!
Axel Weiss
Axel Weiss  (over 11 years ago)
Hey Lace, thank you very much for your friendship and support. Great concept here! Groove on + best form Bavaria, Axel
Newusb  (over 11 years ago)
Axel! Thank you for your friendship & support! We couldn't do what we do without people like you! Great music my friend! Wishing you the best! . . . Lace
Pamela Grigg Black
Pamela Grigg Black  (over 11 years ago)
Just stoppin by to see if all is okay ; )
Newusb  (over 11 years ago)
Life is rockin' & great! Hope all is okay with you :)
Di and Sven
Di and Sven  (over 11 years ago)
love love Di & Sven
Newusb  (over 11 years ago)
Di & Sven! Thank you! 'Love Love' back at ya both! . . . Lace
Hannu Lepisto
Hannu Lepisto  (over 11 years ago)
Radio NewUsb - I'm always tuned in! Soooooo Grrreat to be friends here too. Much love and greetings from Helsinki, Hannu
Newusb  (over 11 years ago)
Great to have you on Newusb Radio, Hannu, and have your friendship here as well! Wishing you the best from Newusb :) Lace