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Killerzmurf  (over 11 years ago)
Hello! We made 2 new tunes the other day, cuz we run out of beer and had nothin' else to do... We'll indeed be happy if you take a listen, since we have very few listeners! :) Cheers and have a nice Summer! /K. Zmurf
SteelSoul  (over 11 years ago)
Newusb Rocks......!!!
healingcolors  (over 11 years ago)
...we are here...;-)))))...listen and share...<3...xoxoxox...
Killerzmurf  (over 11 years ago)
Thank you so much for the friendship also with Da Zmurf's! :) The little blue fellows are delighted! Have a nice evening! /H Together Alone/Killerzmurf
Killerzmurf  (over 11 years ago)
Fanned you guys with this small project as well. Cheers and have a great day! :) H - Together Alone / Killerzmürf / Jane Doe / Sweden
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (over 11 years ago)
My punky Angel sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dreaming in Waves
Dreaming in Waves  (over 11 years ago)
I've listened to and seen a huge number of internet radio sites but nothing compares to the quality and commitment of Newusb.co.uk! You guys are amazing. Anthony
Oxygen  (over 11 years ago)
Hi Ray and Lace! Thank you so much for all of your support. It means a lot to us!!! You both ROCK! Love, Melissa and Oxygen xoxox ;)
Ecologyngle  (over 11 years ago)
Cheers Ray & Lace * your websites are a huge asset to unsigned artists * much good cheer & love coming your way! Patricia
Pamela Grigg Black
Pamela Grigg Black  (over 11 years ago)
Sending love across the Atlantic wishing Peace & Love to you from the Mountain...far far away..;)))))