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PROMIZE®  (about 11 years ago)
Hi Ray im Shelby its nice to meet you! Dont believe anything Jimmy says ----Well if he says how awesome I am you can believe that part k
Jimmy Dean Brooks
Jimmy Dean Brooks  (about 11 years ago)
Thanks Raymond and NEWUSB For Your Friendship and Great Support. Thanks too All My Friends As Well For Joining In With YOU. Jimmy
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (about 11 years ago)
Newusb  (about 11 years ago)
Hi Andrew great to see you here as well, how you doing?
Stirling  (about 11 years ago)
Great collection of artists!! Jimmy sent us here too ;)
Newusb  (about 11 years ago)
Hello there Very nice of you to come and see Newusb, Jimmy has indeed been working his magic for us here what a start he is. I would be most thrilled if you would take a look at Newusb and possibly allow me to create you a profile on there with a view to playing some of your music on the radio station. Again many thanks for taking time to visit me and my site. Regards Ray DJHankypark
Crimson City Romance
Crimson City Romance  (about 11 years ago)
Rocking with the best here !
Linda Marlowe
Linda Marlowe  (about 11 years ago)
Hi! Jimmy sent me, too!!
Newusb  (about 11 years ago)
Hi There Thank you so much for your message, Jimmy has been helping me so much it is really good of you to join with my Newusb. If you would like anything playing on Newusb please let me know I would be happy to do that for you. Regards Ray DJHankypark
Zoe Zobrist
Zoe Zobrist  (about 11 years ago)
Jimmy sent me, but I have actually been on USB for a few months. AWESOME! ~ Zoe Ann
Newusb  (about 11 years ago)
Thank you Zoe Ann You are indeed on Newusb and is nice of you to make contact today, Jimmy has kindly been helping me with some reverb bits and pieces. Have a lovely Sunday Zoe Ann Regards Ray DJHankkypark
The Pizza Kings
The Pizza Kings  (about 11 years ago)
Sent by Jimmy Brooks to have a look and join the ranks. Cheers Newusb - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK
Xenophanes Productions
Xenophanes Productions  (about 11 years ago)
Subtle stuff.
Killerzmurf  (about 11 years ago)
Yeah!!!! Seems to be a great idea! :) Have an awesome evening! Cheers /H