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Brandan Glendenning
Brandan Glendenning  (over 12 years ago)
Your sound is new to me and I am enjoying it. Will listen often!
ColonBlow  (over 12 years ago)
Thanks for listening. We have had great support from people just like you and it doesn't go unnoticed. :>)
The Billy Button Alternative
The Billy Button Alternative  (over 12 years ago)
Thank you very much for your support and friendship,BB
Exfixia  (over 12 years ago)
thanks so much for your support can't wait for you to hear our new stuff. Rock on love and peace EXFIXIA
YODA ON BASS  (over 12 years ago)
MMMMMM thanking you, I am! LOVE your songs, I do! MMMMMM
Jacquescoley®  (over 12 years ago)
I love the taste graph. J
ZanatasticXX  (over 12 years ago)
I wanted become ur fan but dont know why I cant become fan anymore,,,now so just let me leave commnts and show some love COOOOL music
Exfixia  (over 12 years ago)
love to support and thanks for your support LOVE AND PEACE EXFIXIA
Jimmy Drew
Jimmy Drew  (over 12 years ago)
Thank's For The Compliment & Your Friendship...Sincerly Jimmy Drew
sun yan feng
sun yan feng  (over 12 years ago)
Hello Shiong! You're very cool, we like your music here and I'm learning English, too. Man man lai! Greetings from Shen Zhen! Sun