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BLACK LUNG  (over 11 years ago)
: _+88____________________________ ♬ ♬ _++88____________________________ __+880__________________________++ __+888_________________________+88 __++880_______________________+88_ __++888_____+++88__________+++8__ __++8888__+++8880++88____+++88___ __+++8888+++8880++8888__++888____ ___++888++8888+++888888++888_____ ___++88++8888++8888888++888______ ___++++++888888888888888888______ ____++++++88888888888888888______ ____++++++++000888888888888______ _____+++++++000088888888888______ ______+++++++00088888888888______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ ________+++++++8888888888________ ________+++++++0066666666________ _ ♬_______++++++0088888888____ ♬_ ♬__ ♬_ ♪ ♬ Energy & strong emotions manifestations i was left behind! You must not show signs of fear of ♪ ♪Magic. Glass pane's shook with your Energetic ♪ page! Have a Fantastic Week and thank you for your friendship! (;\m/;)
Satisfack Shun
Satisfack Shun  (over 11 years ago)
new music from Satisfack Shun at http://www.myspace.com/satisfack
Together Alone
Together Alone  (over 11 years ago)
We hereby wish you a Happy Halloween! (a bit in advance, lol) We celebrate with a Halloween-video http://www.youtube.com/user/TogetherAloneSWE AND 4 new tunes on da page! Feel free to check 'em out! Yeah! :)
Jacquescoley®  (over 11 years ago)
Jay...Good morning to ya. Have a great week. Cheers. J
Super Turbo Minchia Supporto
Super Turbo Minchia Supporto  (over 11 years ago)
Hi my friend of music, how's going? I see you are doing some restyling here! :)
Jacquescoley®  (over 11 years ago)
Have a great weekend. Cheers. J
Lord Of Spirits
Lord Of Spirits  (over 11 years ago)
PROMIZE®  (almost 12 years ago)
Vote now!.. The EyeRocksRadio Battle of the RN Bands helps Charity and bring's us together!
DJ Psychosix
DJ Psychosix  (almost 12 years ago)
Wanted to keep in touch since the new album and I'm sending you sum luv this 4th of July....FREE music at Olympians Fall to celebrate! DNLD every song from the new EP...Come and get it!!! >Peace<
Together Alone
Together Alone  (almost 12 years ago)
We hereby wish you a Nice Summer! A new video AND 4 new tunes up and runnin' on da page! ...and also a brand new bandpage on facebook! (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Together-Alone/220729314617389) Cheers /H