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Fair Share

Artists Receive Half of All Ad Revenue

We think of our artists as our partners. That's why ReverbNation pools all ad revenue from our artist pages and gives 50% back to our artists.

Make Money Every Month

Every month, we pool all of the revenues from ads posted on artist pages. Artists who have opted into the Fair Share program receive their cut of half of the proceeds.

Collaborating Since 2007

We don't negotiate the lowest payouts possible. We think of our artists as a member of our team. ReverbNation has been splitting ad revenue with our artists since 2007.

How It Works

1. Opt in to the Fair Share Program.
2. Continue with your normal routine.
3. Every month you'll receive a portion of 50% of the ad revenue from all artist pages. This percentage is based on your page's activity.


It is refereshing to find a site that puts the music above all else. ReverbNation is exactly what the online music community has been waiting for.
— Trekky Records


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