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Miguel Dakotas Got Talent: A Conversation With the AGT Finalist

This summer, Miguel Dakota was launched from his DIY roots in Colorado to the televisions of millions, eventually reaching the top ranks of Americas Got Talent. Guest author (and noted Los Angeles-based DJ) Jessica Gonyea spoke with him ... Read more.

Musicians as Digital Storytellers: How To Seize the Power of Social Media

As an Artist, you’re probably relying on some form of social media to spread the word about your music. But today, it’snot enough to only update your fans with messages about your music. We sat down with social media marketing expertJim ... Read more.

Investigating the Role of an Artist Manager in 2014 with Martin Anderson

For an Artist, the process of crafting and perfecting their music can be a true labor of love. Add the complicated tasks of booking shows, handling (or finding) a record label, or creating a marketing plan, and the life of an Artist is a... Read more.

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