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New Twitter Profile Update: Let’s Get Visual

Sick of us talking about the importance of cover art yet? Prepare yourselves, here comes another one. This week, Twitter officially announced that it will be launching a brand-new design for their profiles. Well, brand-new is a stretch. ... Read more.

Work Like a Pro to Become a Pro Part III: Let’s Get Down to Business

Welcome to part three of “Work Like a Pro to Become a Pro,” a four part series by artist manager Budi Voogt designed to help artists work smarter on their music business so they can focus on what matters most: their music. Get tips to im... Read more.

Are Photography and Cover Art Important for Musicians?

As musicians, you spend most of your time writing and performing music that you hope will set you apart from the rest. Sometimes, you spend so much time focusing on music, that other important pieces that can help you get discovered are ... Read more.

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  • HI-DEFINITION HI-DEFINITION says "Wayne got t-street,Gudda Gudda and Chanel on the shelve".
  • El'Ja El'Ja has an upcoming show at Hayti Heritage Center.
  • Chelsea G Chelsea G says "This bracelet was a gift from a good friend, and I am in love with ...".
  • Undur Undur Gumoh Undur Undur Gumoh says "RT @BBM4Androids: Nokia seri X, ragam fitur canggih dengan harga be...".
  • FATBOYFRESH FATBOYFRESH says "Vote for me to perform at #COAST2COAST LIVE | # | Tampa Edition 6/3...".

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