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Have your music reviewed by real music listeners with ReverbNation's Crowd Review. Learn how your music resonates with people, get song ratings, and understand your potential in the market.

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“I like the beat. It's passive but seductive in a way, very alluring. I like the tune, its very calm and specific. The light guitar sound is nice, its different. The vocalist has a nice sounding voice, its lovely. I like how the chorus and bridge changed the voice of the music, it made the song more intriguing and interesting. The lyrics were good, well worded and kind of romantic, but not too much. Nice.”

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Score a 7.8 or better track rating with Crowd Reviews and you will earn a spot in Featured Artists on the ReverbNation homepage.

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Songs that score 75% or above with Crowd Review will automatically be considered for radio play on major radio station groups in the US. Get your score today!

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