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Crowd Reviews

Real Reviews From Real Fans

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Have your music reviewed by relevant listeners—those who like and understand your style. Learn how your music resonates with fans, get song ratings, and know your potential in the market.

Earn a Crowd Picks spot on ReverbNation

Score a 7.8 or better rating with Crowd Reviews. You will earn a spot in Crowd Picks and be eligible for the ReverbNation homepage.

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Get considered for radio play in the US.

Songs that score 75% or above with Crowd Review will automatically be considered for radio play on major radio station groups in the US. Get your score today!

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Three great Crowd Review options:

  • Gold
  • 200 Reviews
  • Includes:

    Track Rating, Male vs. Female, Rating Distribution, Age Distribution, Market Potential, Passion Rating, Track Appeal, Similar Artists, Market Potential Within Age, Song Analysis, Word Cloud, Scatter Chart

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