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Match Your Music to Venues that Matter

With over 600,000 listings, Gig Finder connects you to the best venues in any town. You'll see customized results based on your band's previous gigs and artists who are similar to you.

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Here are some local venues for Woodbridge, NJ
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Simplify Booking Gigs

Gig Finder makes it easy. Sure, you can easily search the web for venues and clubs within your area, but does that mean it's the best place for your band to play?

Customized for Your Band

You have capacity requirements. You play a particular genre. You need to find the best venue for you. Gig Finder connects artists with venues and clubs that have already booked other artists similar to you.

Find Gigs Based On

1. Location of the town or region you're visiting.
2. Name of the venue you'd like to play.
3. Places similar artists have played.
4. Venues you've played before.


As a Christian band, the Gig Finder feature is invaluable. We can put in a radius and then put "Church" as a key word and just like that I can see a good number of all the churches in the designated radius. — One More Soul

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