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Promote Your Band on Top Music Sites

Get your music heard by new fans from around the world. Promote It delivers targeted ads for your band in the places that music lovers go to discover something new. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, MTV, and dozens more.

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Your ads can run on these top sites as well as dozens of other major sites.


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Direct Lines to Your Fans

Get new fans while you're sleeping. In less than 90 seconds, Promote It will start finding people who listen to music that's similar to yours.

I think my favorite thing about the ReverbNation PROMOTE IT is that you can see things that Facebook can't show you like plays, if your music gets shared, and my favorite, the indirect clicks... Pretty cool stuff that Facebook doesn't give you any insight on.
— Dan, Guitar/Vocals for Peace Mercutio
Access to Top Music Sites

Promote It puts the indie artist on sites that only major labels could access before. Who doesn’t want to promote on MTV, Rolling Stone, and YouTube?

It is so much easier to go through ReverbNation’s Promote It then doing it by yourself. I would never thought my ad would be on a main page of a major website like MTV and Billboard.
— Ramo
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Free Trial available for first time Promote It customers.

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