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Allen Cox Music Productions / Press

“Allen, "The National Anthem" is outstanding, the guitar work and instrumental accompaniment is amazing, you've done it proud! Pete ”

“i don't usually like drum solos but that was great”

“I have to say this Allen as I'm sure you are no doubt aware and please don't take it wrong or offense "YOU ARE THE MOTHERFLIPPIN MAN" lol! I truly appreciate playing my music in the past to an audience I would not otherwise reach. Even if they don't listen you play it which is all I care for. Much luv! Mack”

“Milky Ways...big big cheers...and thank's for share...much love...your punky angel was here...xoxox...”

“Milky ways, with the lovely Mi*la. I enjoyed it so much I had to listen twice. SWEET!”

“Hi Allen * enjoying * Milky Ways " great arrangement & lovely vocal * cheers from so. fla * Patricia”

“Hi "Journey" is a fantaastic piece a of music, according to me; terrific rhythm, great arrangament...”

“Sending Al some serious smiles and flowers”

“LOVE Cox Music Production and its music!!!! I am glad to be friends with you everythere, dear Al;) MI*LA”


“Super cooleo Mr Cox”

“Thanks for everything, we won't forget it my friend! Matthew Dee from KG”

“Keep on Rocking Allen we love what your doing”

“Dear Allen, thank you for your show ! muchlove & kisses, MI*LA”


“Dig your show....Keep up the Good work...Peace...Frontline”


“Great works here, most impressive, worthy of The Grand Jedi Council Rock Band's Vote!”

"Awesume, I was sitting here bobbing my head up down then realised it was way too early for this kind of jamming You did all those tracks your self? Man you are so talented and a blessing, Glad to call you friend Dean"

“I really enjoy what you are doing . ROCK ON!!!”

“Allen, sounding great!!”

“Great Great tunes. Rocking the free world. Excellent riffs and melody, grooves and everything in-between. One heck of a talented artist. Very cool!”

“I love it, great sound....You Rock!!!”

“Great Playin' "Cuz"...(and Great Production Chops too!)”

“Jah Bless , You are a Great King!!!”

“flat out jammmmmmin! love the sound”

“great music , keep on rockin”

“Shelby says u rock”

“I THINK "Galactic Social Club" is one of my favs”

“Great songs and sound you have!”

“Great Music~ You Rock!”

“Your music sounds fabulous!! Wishing you all the Best!!”

“Hey Allen! Always a pleasure to hear your awesome music and hang out. Best, Wayne”

“Hi Allen * enjoying * Milky Ways " great arrangement & lovely vocal * cheers from so. fla * Patricia”

“COMMENT ON THE SONG "MILKY WAYS" You just attract great singers Allen and this song proves it!”

“Keep up the excellent things your doing we need more people in this business that are as nice and understanding as yourself. Anton from: Suicide Bunnies!!”

“DUDE awesome drum solo!!! Excellent array of triplets/quadruplets between the floor toms and bass, and extremely well executed LIVE performance!!!!”

“Allen has helped me spread the word about my music. All I can say is, he's a great guy and doing great things for musicians. Thanks allen, all the best. Randy Gonet”

“You are so awesome Allen, a true pioneer too!”

“awsome sound good this one "Milky Ways" nice song lovly bass theme and el piano intro:)) good vocal and lovly guitar solo i love such solo guitar parts:)) good collab work again:))”

“Allen nice job on the Video with Melody it totally Rocks. ”

“Al, Just wanted to let you know. GOOD JOB on the show!”

“Hey Allen! Excellent Tracks! Drum Solo ROCKSSS!! Keep On Rockin!”

“Great....... guitar”

“Love the Drum Solo. Awesome! ”

“love this sound! your band is so together! great lead guitar! keep at it! you will go far! ”

“Love listening to your exceptional music. Rocking and sounding very cool.”

“Talent from a lifetime of a love for music!”

“You are an amazing drummer , dear Allen;))) ”

“I'm impressed with all of the NEW music/collabs you've been crankin' out man ... awesome! "D Around" is a stellar piece!! Far Out!!!!”