Velo Rouge Cafe

San Francisco, CA


798 Arguello Blvd. @ McAllister, San Francisco, CA, US
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Capacity: 50

Bio: The Velo Rouge Cafe is dedicated to good food, good times, and good music. We strive to be a centerpiece in our beloved Lone Mountain neighborhood, bringing them the best of all musical genres in a relaxed, friendly environment. INTERESTED ARTISTS/AGENTS - PLEASE READ: We are small neighborhood cafe. What that means is… 1.) We can accommodate an audience of 30-40 comfortably, but no more than 50. 2.) A respectful noise level should be maintained. Full drum kits are generally too loud and take up too much floorspace. Pared down percussion works best, and should be played with hot rods or brushes. Please no sticks. 3.) Performances typically run from 7pm-9pm, with a hard curfew at 10pm. 4.) Performances are all assumed to have a 7pm start time, unless otherwise advanced. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to give our staff, and yourselves, time to set up. 5.) The room is small enough to play acoustically, but we do offer some amplification (See TECH below)   Tech: Our sound system is for basic amplification only, and is operated by one of our baristas. They know how to work the system, but we do not provide a professional engineer. We can provide... A Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer with… 4 Channels of XLR or 1/4" inputs and preamps 2 Channels of Line Level 1/4" inputs with no preamps 2 SM58 (or similar) microphones 2 Microphone Stands 2 XLR Cables Promotion: We post all our shows on Facebook/Twitter/VRC website, if you have a press clipping or short description & photo you'd like us to use, we'd encourage you to send it on.  We'd also be happy to put a poster in the window of the cafe, if you have one.   Payment: Unfortunately we cannot offer cash payment to bands at this time, we do offer a meal and 2 drinks per band member. You would be able to sell any band merchandise you may have, and we have tip jar you may display or pass as you wish. Thank you.



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