Underground Radio 87.9FM

East Liverpool, OH


, East Liverpool, OH, US
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Capacity: 300

Bio: Indie LPFM/part-15 radio station. 87.9 FM "Like" on Facebook! If you are interested in getting your demo tape, record, or CD to us, then, when a message is sent to this page, the autoresponder message that you recieve, will automatically give you the contact for one of the DJ's postal mailing address to ship your demo recording to, as well as the formats, and we will begin playing it, upon when it is recieved... Please continue reading in-full, the description, first, to see if this is what you would want: You won't listen on the internet or on a 'mobile device' because this is REAL RADIO, not an "internet radio" playlist stream...you tune in on an actual radio. Genuine DJs play actual records, tapes, CDs, and there is an occasional live on-air performance by an artist, in the studio... Please note that this is NOT a "venue" in the sense that fans actually come to the studio to watch you perform, but we broadcast you, and THEY listen on their radios in their locations, and, we also record your performance, and, you also would later have a copy of the recording for yourself to do with whatever you wish. Formerly 88.3 FM, as of October 21, 2011, was changed to current frequency, 87.9 FM. Format of genre range: New Wave Shoegaze Coldwave Ambient Darkwave Synthpop Electro-Goth Techno Please also note that it probably would be in your best interest to not bother with trying to get your demo on-air, unless it fits one or more of the above generes, and, it is probably not worth bothering trying to get an in-studio performance, unless you first plan on being in the local area, as, because this is an indie, private, non-commercial station, your performance in-studio would be on a pro-bono basis.



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