The Indie Music Fest

Henderson, NV


The Henderson Pavilion, Henderson, NV, US
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(702) 568-7108

Capacity: 5000

Bio: The Indie Music Fest 2013 - More Info Coming Soon! -- "A Celebration Of The Indie Artist"™ Black Mountain Productions, The Indie World Foundation and Endeavor Media Group presents: The annual Indie Music Fest. This competition and showcase is a unique annual festival that is "A Celebration Of The Indie Artist." The IMF was created to provide exposure, resources, education and assistance in elevating the unsigned artist, writer and musician, to the next levels of their careers. We will have 40 of the best unsigned indie artists selected from across the country, competing in the genres of: R&B, Urban, Rock, Pop and Alternative. A panel of music industry judges will select two of the best artists from those participating. One would ask, why celebrate the Indie Artist? After all, what would be the purpose? Isn’t an “Indie Artist” a person who creates some music that most people never listen to or an individual whose film or video projects would very rarely be seen by more than a few friends or family? If you are even thinking these thoughts, you’ve missed the point of why there is an “Indie Artist” in the first place. To help you understand even the word – “artist”, let’s establish one thing first. An “artist” is neither bound to have their work heard or their work seen. In fact, the true definition of an “artist” is – “knowing yourself.” Within this framework, an artist creates from within, not the other way around. An “Indie Artist”, therefore, is one who is completely and absolutely independent to express what is inside, what they are feeling and how they want to express that. An “Indie Artist” must exist without exterior forces, without influences from the outside that may cloud their vision or cut into their soul. The Indie Fest events comprising The Indie Music Fest and The Indie Film Fest are dedicated to not only recognizing the true “Indie Artists” of the world, but encouraging them to continue their passion for expressing their artistry no matter what path they choose within the music, film or video mediums. Both The Indie Music Fest and The Indie Film Fest require that every “Indie Artist” who submits their work not be affiliated with any major record label or major film studio. This requirement exists because we believe that being an “Indie Artist” means first and foremost they are “free” from any constraints put upon them to be anything but true to themselves and that their creative expression comes directly from within!



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