Red Barn Radio at ArtsPlace

Lexington, KY


161 N Mill St, Lexington, KY, US
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Capacity: 250

Bio: Hey to all you musicians out there, if you're interested in playing on Red Barn Radio, here's the scoop. DO NOT WRITE TO US VIA REVERBNATION BECAUSE YOUR EMAIL WILL NOT BE READ. PLEASE CONTACT ED COMMONS VIA THE WEBSITE www.redbarnradio.com. ED MAKES THE DECISIONS WHO PLAYS ON THE SHOW, AND HE DOESN'T VISIT THIS WEBSITE. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ON OUR SHOW AND YOU SEND ME YOUR EPK, FOLKS, YOU'RE JUST WHISTLING DIXIE!!! SECOND, Red Barn is primarily interested in bands that are local to the area of Kentucky. Our emphasis is primarily on Old Time and Bluegrass Music in our area. Not to say we wouldn't consider some other Americana type music, but hard rock, rap, and other genres like that, we don't do. Regardless, to reach the powers that be, please go to our website: http://www.redbarnradio.com, and contact Ed Commons at edcommons@redbarnradio.com. He is the producer and makes all the decisions. This page is to make announcements and publish shows only. EVEN IF YOU SEND US YOUR EPKs VIA REVERBNATION, THEY WON'T BE SEEN!!! PLEASE CONTACT ED COMMONS AT THE ABOVE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR CONSIDERATION. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET ON THE SHOW!!!!! Honestly. Thanks for checking us out and considering us! So far there are 100 messages sent to this page with EPKs and guess what, they're not being considered or listened to. I'm telling you,. contact edcommons@redbarnradio.com Can't help you anymore than that!



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