Rake's End

Cincinnati, OH


2141 Central Ave, Cincinnati, OH, US
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Capacity: 100 Age Limit: 18

Bio: The Rake's End is located in the historic Mohawk-Brighton district of Cincinnati, now known as Cincinnati's West End neighborhood. Brighton is home to several galleries including semantics, Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum, synthetica, and Third Party, as well as the Mockbee venue space, the state of Ohio's oldest hardware store Hartke Hardware, the historic Sterling Ice Cream factory building (now home to a moped shop space and artist studio/galleries) and The Brush Factory custom clothing and furniture design studio. // Brighton is home to the Ohio region's first bicycling club, the Brighton Cycling Club, which was established in 1878. // Brighton is the reason Cincinnati is known as "Porkopolis" - the city's pork slaughtering and meat packing industry was historically located here. // Cincinnati legend Bootsy Collins grew up in Brighton on Baymiller Street. // Brighton is home to the historic Bellevue Brewery, once the 4th largest brewery in the United States, and now known as the Mockbee, a venue/artist studio space. // Brighton is known for having the nation's first large scale implementation of Community Organizing - the Mohawk-Brighton Social Unit Experiment took place here from 1917-1920. // Brighton is the place where many of Cincinnati's long gone streetcars used to converge, at the bottom of the Brighton Approach where the Brighton Approach meets Central Avenue, and this district was once known as "Brighton Corner" and was one of the most thriving commercial areas in the city of Cincinnati. // Steeped in history, today Brighton is a dense, close knit community of artists, musicians, designers, builders and activists who embrace the DIY ethic, pursue their creative interests, and together weave the fabric of a community. Brighton is the halfway point between Northside/Camp Washington and OTR/downtown. You can access Brighton via Spring Grove Avenue, connecting to Northside/Camp Washington and via Central Parkway, connecting to OTR/downtown.



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