PUB at the END of the Universe

Portland, OR


4107 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR, US
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Capacity: 175 Age Limit: 21

Bio: Pub at the End of the Universe has been established for over 30 years by the McCormick family. A haven for all vibration that like to chill out and be treated like family. The Pub has a unique atmosphere with multi levels and full bar, pool and darts. The music scene dates back to late 80's with rock and roll and medal bands opening up the ears and eyes of the Pub. Revived in 2005 by Ian McCormick and friends of the clay house. Monday Night Open Mic born gathering support from the neighborhood and communities around Portland, lots of talent was being channeled through the doors of the Pub new music scene. Folks were getting together every Monday and it was like cheers were everybody know your name but it is better because its real live and local. Lots of new bands were emerging from our Open Mic like Papagaiyo, Fruition, The Lark, Random as Day and many great others. We were creating a place were folks can get together and be creative with the Universe. We expanded a little bit more and started to have Pub bands play on Sunday night. 2008 we started the next stage of the Pub music scene a showcase called Music on Mars for new and upcoming bands, acoustic songwriters and other instrumental performances every Wednesday night. If your interested in being apart of this universe Contact Ian McCormick universepubmusic@gmail.com http//:www.myspace.com/pubattheendoftheuniverse



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