Overgrown Music and Arts Festival 2

Belmont, NY


Mothers Pickin Chickn', Belmont, NY, US
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Capacity: 10000

Bio: The Overgrown Music & Arts Festival was established with the intention of uniting like-minded individuals to promote a weekend of music, art, and above all else, civic engagement. Our goal is that this festival provides a venue where local artists and musicians can share their work with the community, but also raising money to support the art and music programs in local public schools. With the recent cuts in the state budget the arts are almost always the first to be eliminated, we seek to provide monetary support for these programs, in the hopes that the same programs that inspired us as children can continue to be there for future generations. This is an area that is enriched by local colleges, it is of utmost importance that we support that atmosphere. We seek to bring together as many groups and clubs from both Alfred University and Alfred State College as possible, providing them with an arena to promote themselves and their area of interest. We have sparked the interest of local film students—who will be filming a documentary focusing on the festival, as well as internet and local radio. We are not solely about making money, a large portion of the proceeds raised by the Overgrown Music & Arts Festival will be donated directly to the local art and music programs. There will be recycling stations on site, as well as a food drive to benefit local food pantries. Above all else, the Overgrown Music & Arts Festival is dedicated to bringing students and other members of the community together for one united cause: to benefit Steuben and Allegany Counties and the creative forces at work within it. Allegany County is consistently one of the poorest counties in New York State, however we are renowned for our local artist and musicians. As members of the community we seek to support our neighbors in every way that we can, and foster an environment where the children in this area have the opportunity to create and express themselves from a young age.



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