Louie G's

Tacoma, WA


5219 Pacific Hwy E, Tacoma, WA, US
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Capacity: 3

Bio: Voted Number 1 Live Music Venue In Washington State. Best Of King 5. The Rockstar of Pizza, Louie G has opened his restaurant into an all ages venue. Louie G himself played bass, from 9 years old, to 25 years old. Since then, he has been spending 15 hours a day feeding the people and re opening into a bigger space to have live music, real fun and some KICK ASS PIZZA. ince opening his doors in the fall of 2007 Louis Galarza AKA Louie G has been on a mission to make his venue a premiere destination in the Pacific Northwest. Louie has made it possible for families of all ages to come out and enjoy live music, great friends, fun and KICK ASS PIZZA! Although branded as a pizza restaurant there is a wide variety of delicious cuisine available including: American (New), American (Traditional), burgers, Italian dishes and of course amazing pizza and calzone. The prices are great and the quality of the ingredients are truly second-to-none. As a live concert venue Louie G’s is unparalleled, the sound system and lighting are something you would expect at a major concert venue. It’s no surprise that bands travel from all over the country (some from thousands of miles away) to rock the stage at Louie’s place. Many of the NW’s top drawing bands consider the venue to be their favorite place to perform including: Riot in Rhythm, Jason Kertson and the Immortals, The Fail Safe Project, Mechanism, Black Diamond, Windowpane and many more! In September of 2012 Louie and his staff organized the biggest all local music event of the year…DREAMFEST 2012. Taking his already amazing stage production to a whole other level, Louie turned the huge back parking lot behind the venue into a massive stage experience never before experienced in the area. In September of 2013 Louie is carrying on the yearly event and has expanded both the size and scope of the event to include a phenomenal stage along with world class sounds and lights, multimedia screens, VIP areas and special seating and best of all the event is put together to raise money for charity. Dreamfest is absolutely one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and we can only imagine what’s in store for dreamfest 2014 and beyond. " Welcome to my Dream, You're all in it" - Louie G Louie G's Provides. Sound by Chris Pederson. Hes the Man. And Lighting . Best Lights in the the NW... We have amazing sound / stage and Lighting.



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