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Capacity: 60

Bio: Salli Squitieri is the creator of "The Frog and The Hummingbird Co." that began as a home-based business producing nostalgic and traditional herbal products. Which began in the 70’s as Gypsy Crafts producing Traditional Folk Toys, Natural Fiber Jewelry and Herbal products. Salli traveled nationally to festivals and special events as a vendor, speaker, workshop leader, events producer and also provided nature walks. Later, in the early 90’s Gypsy Crafts evolved into the Calabash a Caribbean Themed Gallery and outdoor market place, mini cultural center and the Roots shop featuring herbal products, plant-based products and health and beauty products. In the latter 90’s The Calabash & Roots shop evolved into the Frog and The Hummingbird Co bringing a touch of the tropics and maintaining its integrity of natural products. Her involvements during the early 2000’s also included a custom-built display with a local co-op, the "Artist's Market Place" --featuring her herbal products. Word quickly spread of the uniqueness of her display, wares and educational presentations and demonstrations and she was then recommended to travelers by the cruise ship directors. Additionally, she presented an eye-catching display at the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square and was commended by the Sunset Celebration Jury Committee. Salli soon found the perfect location for her 'business to be' and she rented a charming historical building in a remote community in the Florida Panhandle. The 103-year-old wood building abundant with stories was one of the original buildings of the community and had a warm rich acoustical sound, perfect for her music and art forum and café. In July 2008 she opened this magical business that was an oasis in this tiny remote community. The Frog and The Hummingbird Co & Butterfield's Roadhouse became a destination point and soon drew people from near and far. The Frog and The Hummingbird Co & Butterfield's Roadhouse was an Eclectic Music & Art Forum featuring local, regional, national and international arts, crafts and assorted merchandise. Offering new and exciting merchandise all the time, including but not limited to Herbal Products, Teas from Around the World, Healthy Snacks, Exotic Luxury Mosquito Nets, Kimono, Jewelry, Fine Art & Photography, Hammocks, Assorted Textiles, Scarves, Fused Glass, Wearable Art, Tote Bags, Woodwork, Paintings, Handmade Gift Cards, Candles, Honey, Coffee, Maple syrup, BBQ Sauces & Specialty foods. As well as Handmade sculpted artisan soaps and body care products, Crafts, Recycled Art, Consignment work and much more... It featured “The Paul Butterfield Fund and Society” and Exhibits, Special Gallery Showings, Mini Film Fests and Music Jams & Gatherings and a monthly street fair. Salli is an herbalist and craftsperson creating an eclectic variety of handmade wares with a nostalgic folk theme and a funky chic style. All her items are natural handmade, homegrown or wildcrafted and environmentally conscious. She is currently rebuilding her product line after losing everything in hurricanes and floods, so little by little recreating her product lines. Salli’s items are uniquely presented and both visually attractive and of a utilitarian nature. She is presently working on her Handmade Beeswax Candles, Herbal Teas, Hypericum Massage oils, bundled herbs, Kitchen Mobiles, Home grown herbs in hand painted recycled/refurbished tin cans and containers and Herbal scented African Mud Cloth bed covers, pillows and also African Mud cloth reusable shopping tote bags. She will soon be redeveloping her potpourri’s and more herbal products. Photos can be found on Salli’s Instagram site https://www.instagram.com/salli_squitieri/ And a great deal can be found about Salli on her Developing web http://sallisquitieri.wixsite.com/sallisquitieri https://sallisquitieri.wixsite.com/sallisquitieri/crafts--products Info on the Now closed Brick and Mortar Venue Welcome to The Frog and The Hummingbird Co & Butterfield's Roadhouse Bringing you a touch of The Tropics and an Eclectic Experience The Frog and The Hummingbird Co & Butterfield's Roadhouse is a Music and Art Forum currently representing an array of local, regional & national artisans, crafters and vendors and hosting a variety of music and special events each month. Butterfield’s Roadhouse is an old fashioned down to earth family friendly music venue for local and national artists, a special venue for traveling artists and performers, special events and jams. Our tiny forum is somewhat like a combined old fashioned Juke Joint/Listening Room/Coffee and Tea Room with an up close and personal atmosphere.. Additionally a segment of the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society's (PBFS) Educational Archival Exhibit is permanently housed and displayed at The Frog and The Hummingbird Co and Butterfield’s Roadhouse The Frog and The Hummingbird Co & Butterfield’s Roadhouse offers a free on site CD Library, Tabletop games such as checkers, chess, Uno, dominoes and cards set on each table and WI-FI will be set up shortly.



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