Cristina's Cafe

Strasburg, VA


219 W King St, Strasburg, VA, US
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Bio: The Cafe isn't very big (max 75 folks) but it does have a stage that can handle 5 to 6 musicians with some decent lighting (a little tighter with a drum kit). We have had a house full at 80 folks, but a more comfortable full house is about 50 people. We do have some locals that play on a regular basis but have found that bluegrass/americana/roots/original is what really works. Though there has been a an influx of various types of fusion, especially gypsy jazz. We have live music on Friday & Saturday evenings from 8pm to 11pm this would be the performance time. Payment is for the door only, but the band sets that rate -- though we do offer guarantees from time to time for groups that we think will draw a good crowd or whom we really want to have perform. Our local solo players usually do $3, duo/trio $4, bands $5 - $7....better known regional acts with followings even higher depending on their needs and confidence in their fan base. Basically, our thinking is; more folks in the door (fair play)...the better for everybody. Also, most of our musicians sell a good bit of merchandise when they perform. We do give each musician 2 free drafts (microbrew stuff) & dinner. I also offer band members lodging free of charge at my house just around the corner. Between free food, beer & a nice place to stay we feel that compensation works out well for everyone, this has especially been true with many of our touring non-regional bands/musicians. We have a house PA system with an 8 channel head, 2 vocal mics & stands, 2 directional mics & plenty of extra cables. But if you prefer your own mics/cords feel free to bring them. It's a good idea to come early for dinner and sound check! Our prefered load-in time is between 4pm-6pm so as to not annoy the dinner patrons.



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