Charleston Music Hall

Charleston, SC


37 John St, Charleston, SC, US
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Capacity: 928

Bio: 37 John Street was originally named The Tower Depot, designed by Charleston architect Edward C. Jones and built between 1849 and 1850. The Gothic Revival style building originally had a three-story tower, which projected into John Street and served as the main entrance for a passenger depot for the South Carolina Railroad. Sadly, the original tower was destroyed in the earthquake of 1886 and subsequently, The Tower Depot became part of the Charleston Bagging & Manufacturing Company plant and was used as a warehouse for many years. Finally, the Bennett Hofford Company facilitated its’ amazing transformation into the Charleston Music Hall in 1995. Technical Specifications Seating Capacity: 928 (Floor 598 / Balcony 330) Stage Proscenium: 40’ W x 20’ D; Proscenium to back curtain: 23’; Front apron thrust to main curtain: 11’ 10” ; Pine Strip Floor with 6’ apron Lighting: HOG 1000 Lighting Console; ETC Sensor Rack 96 – 2.4 Dimmers; Fiber Optic Backdrop Stage Curtain and Legs; Par Cans;Source Fours; 6 – Clay Paky Golden Scan 3 Moving Lights & 2 Clay Paky Spotlights Sound: Clair Brothers Speakers; Crest CA Series Amps; Yamaha M2000 FOH Console; Crest Century LM 40 Monitor Console; 8 – JBL 802 Stage Monitors; 4 – Clair Brothers 12 AM Stage Monitors; 2 – Clair Brothers R2 Side Fill Monitors Steinway Grand Piano Motorized Daylight Video Screen Mounted on Proscenium Backstage Facilities: 3 Dressing Rooms with showers, Green Room, Wardrobe/2nd Green Room Front of House: Production Office with DSL/Wireless Internet Access



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