Blue Rock Cafe

Hudson, OH


5827 Darrow Road (between Zeppe's & Brubaker's), Hudson, OH, US
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Bio: LOCAL LIVE MUSIC EVERY DAY AND NIGHT See our MUSIC SCHEDULE at www.BlueRockCafe.com TO GET A PAID BOOKING AT THE BLUE ROCK: Send an email to Mel Cyphert, the Blue Rock Stage Manager, at melthewizard@gmail.com, AND ALSO TO matthewlerner@yahoo.com AND . IN THE SUBJECT LINE, PLEASE INCLUDE "YOUR BAND NAME" AND "BLUE ROCK CAFE" Include all your contact info, websites, pay requirements, etc, plus two descriptions of your music: a short one-liner, plus a long version with as much detail as you want. If you want to perform at one of our "Random Acts of Music" (no pay), send the same info as above, plus a date/time and send it to the same TWO emails, and we will confirm. You can request a set for 30-60-90-120 minutes, or even more. Our calendar at www.BlueRockCafe.com is mostly up-to-date except for bookings that were made in the last day or two, so check it for dates that are currently open. If you play for more than an hour, you will generally be given a $10 credit toward food at the Blue Rock Cafe. NOW HIRING EXPERIENCED BAR & RESTAURANT STAFF (especially if you're a musician/singer! - contact Dave Terkel, manager, at 330.714.0628) We hope to become your favorite café - restaurant - bar - grille - music venue! We are located at: 5827 Darrow Road, Hudson, OH (between Zeppe's & Brubaker's), Hudson, OH 44236 Yes, this was formerly Bitter's Bones & Barley BBQ, but you won't recognize it after we open! The format will be something like this: Hard Rock Café meets your favorite local bar meets Open Mic & Jam! So what does that mean? Well first of all, you should know that we have a full liquor license (including take out for beer and wine). We'll have a great selection of both. We also have a full kitchen, and will have food that is better than most bars, including choices for vegetarians and vegans. Of course, well have burgers, wraps, etc... During the day, we hope the make the Café appealing to local Hudson residents, kids, and business lunch crowd. Instead of collectable guitars and music paraphernalia like the Hard Rock, the Blue Rock will have plenty of playable instruments on the walls, on the stage, and all around the Café, so that experienced musicians can stop by and play at almost anytime! Guitars, basses, amps, drums, banjos, mandolins, keyboards... We hope to have them all. Featured and random musicians will be able to come and play for their dinner and tips and have a general good time. They can also play for their lunch, etc. On weekends and for special events, we'll be hiring plenty of local bands, with an occasional band on tour. We'll have regularly scheduled acoustic and electric open mics and jams, plus many that are unscheduled. In addition to blues and rock, we'll have folk nights, jazz nights, bluegrass nights, etc. We expect to be open until 2:30 am most nights, so anything can happen after the kids go to bed. Speaking of open mics and jams, we have some ideas to make them more interesting. Sometimes these will even take place while a regular band is on break. We will encourage bands to collaborate and let other musicians stand in frequently. Anything musical is possible! Send us your ideas! Post your pictures! Come down and see us!



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