Bearded Dragon Hotel

Tamborine, QLD, AU


2 Tamborine Mountain Road, Tamborine, QLD, AU
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Capacity: 250

Bio: Bearded Dragon the much loved Hotel at Tamborine, Queensland, Australia. Home of Crocodiles & Dragons reptile show and entertainment by "furry". Home of the world famous "Toadman" and weekly toad racing. Supporters of LIVE MUSIC with the only full licensed venue in South East Queensland that is POKIE FREE- Blow up the pokies merchandise available. custom and car clubs, charity events and festival venue . A business that supports the ART of CONVERSATION and is totally family friendly. Home to Fat Elvis, Priscilla and Lil Johnny (RIP Sir Elton) our not so miniature pigs. Favourite stomping ground for the alpaca family, funny looking bunch that they are! Location of the 1920's original OBE Windmill (very rare!) 32foot... we like things BIG around here. Home to our amazing chefs who cook real food from our VERY REAL herb garden and fruits straight from the tree. Even our DRAGONS behind the bar are friendlier than most .... we do indulge in the art of HOSPITALITY! We've played host to many a happy couple who have chosen us for their wedding venue or for their wedding night ! (wink wink) and many happy families in our restaurant! (We are NOT owned by a multinational BIG company... nor a brewery... or a SUPERMARKET...its just little old battling aussies doing what we do best... We are a bit different and WE LIKE IT THAT WAY.... Please show your support to us so we can know that there are people out there who like the GOOD OLD FASHIONED way of doing things... and like to show SUPPORT :)



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