Seventh Circle Music Collective

Denver, CO


2935 West 7th Avenue, Denver, CO, US
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Capacity: 150

Bio: PLEASE EMAIL SCMCdenver@gmail.com FOR ALL BOOKING INQUIRIES. Sending a "Reverbnation booking request" is very clunky and not easy for us to catalog/search/reference. All booking is done via email. Thanks! We are an all-ages DIY space with a great sound system, run by passionate music lovers from every facet of the underground music scene in Denver. Check out our calendar of upcoming shows at www.facebook.com/seventhcirclemusiccollective/events, and please email SCMCdenver@gmail.com for all inquiries, booking requests, and any other general communication. Messages to this Reverbnation page aren't checked very often, nor are they easy to search/reference for easy booking correspondence, hence the use of the gmail. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!



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