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“Rating : "A great album"...Doomdogs - "Unleash The Truth"...- "should come with a health warning, because this is music to break the speed limit to".... "‘Eye For An Eye’ chugs along with a wonderful crunch à la Black Sabbath on ‘Sabbra Cadabra’"...."‘Annie Christ’ has a fantastic roller-coaster riff from guitarist Christer "Chris The Riff" Cuñat"...."stellar performance from Emil Rolof behind the kit"...."flawless vocals throughout the record"...."it was a real pleasure to listen to ‘Unleash The Truth’ and I would highly recommend this to fans of stoner, sludge and doom"..."it deserves to be heard by new listeners"...."in conclusion, a great album from Doomdogs"...”

“Rating : BUY IT..."Doomdogs return with a new output called 'Unleash The Truth' - ok, to keep it short, I just say, this thing rocks, buy it !"..."the guys from Sweden give those of you that need a serious trip through most of whatever music got influenced by Black Sabbath the total dose"..."the four guys from Gothenburg take us on a journey from the valley of Stoner grooves through heavy Doom riff country and right to a river of psychedelic 70s rock"..."Doomdogs got two major things that make this album so good...first I have to say that I really dig the production...the second thing is that they are able to write a great hookline that will stick in your head every now and then...the chorus to 'The Annie-Christ' did not leave my mind for days"..."the only complaint I might have is that I think a few songs less and a playing time under 70 minutes would have been good...but with so much good material, where do you shorten an album ? I would not have known either I guess"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth" ..."damn Doomdogs for being so good, I’m going to have to modify my top ten of the year again !"..." ‘Eye For An Eye’ chugs out of the speakers with a suitably fuzzy riff"..." ‘Save Me’ follows, a real monster of a track that showcases the band’s undoubted class"..." ‘The Annie-Christ’, a stoner track raised above the norm"..." ‘Legacy’, a simple, lyric free, acoustic guitar and flute track, an island of gentle calm and contemplation, putting me in mind of Peter Gabriel’s early work with Genesis"..."Doomdogs manage to make the seventy minutes plus of the album blast by without ever sounding monotonous"...”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating: 9/10..."this band from Gothenburg have really got their chops down on 'Unleash The Truth'..."the songs are insanely infectious"..."the band is very sabbathy in places, bluesy in a Cream kind of way in other passages, and progressive with an early King Crimson kind of feel elsewhere but the main element is stonerish, doomy rock"..."Tomas Ericsson’s wonderfully dramatic yet growling vocals give each track a unique charm"...",'The AnnieChrist', 'Welcome to the Future', 'Slight Case of Madness' and 'Questions To My Answers' are all ear-catching highlights but every track is a winner"..."without a doubt, Doomdogs have taken a giant leap forward with 'Unleash The Truth'...the songwriting is excellent and they have become more diversified, creating an album full of irresistible tunes"..."the Sabbath cover is almost worth the purchase price alone"...”

"JUKEBOX:METAL"...review...DOOMDOGS "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 4 out of 5 stars !!! ... "Unleash The Truth is a good example of what its trying to be, and excellent Pentagram-ish tracks like All Lies are undeniable"..."an extra layer of fuzz, particularly on the solos, adds the stoner credentials to the mix"..."Mind Slayer, Questions To My Answers, and spaced-out Magic of The Black Circle have plenty of doom credibility"..."everyone will love the down-tuned cover of Black Sabbath‘s A National Acrobat"...

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating: 84/100..."this variation in styles by Doomdogs makes ‘Unleash The Truth’ one of the better albums in 2011 in this genre"..."sometimes slow as a stream of mud and on other moments rocking like a motherfucker"..."the self-titled debut already was a fine album...a mix of Black Sabbath and Motörhead with a pinch of Reverend Bizarre...on this second album it’s more of the same although I feel there’s a bit more stoner and sludge present"..."the fact these guys even recorded a cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘A National Acrobat’ only make me respect them more"...”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth" - Rating 8/10...The album is of high quality, both synthetically and lyrically. The production is of high standards.....great 70’s sound mixed with stoner rock elements as well as sludge strokes. It’s anyhow progressive, with rhythm evolving and rotating constantly, under the smooth guitar riffs and with a unique guide through this almost psychedelic journey Tomas Ericsson’s (Grotesque, Runemagick) wonderful heavy growling voice; the dramatic interpretation and the solid yet melodic vocal style certainly uplift the songs and the whole release. In here one could easily identify the likes of King Crimson, Spiritual Beggars, Pentagram, but only in order to type the certain style.....DOOMDOGS unleash a doom metal hell by telling a truth never told before in such a brilliant manor… At any rate a keeper ! Check them out !”

“DOOMDOGS "Unleash The Truth" Score: 8,5/10...(translated from Italian to English) .."even in this their second album DOOMDOGS are the perfect marriage of bands like Black Sabbath (in particular), Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Crowbar, Neurosis and Candlemass"..."however this time the four Swedes have "evolved" approaching the 70's progressive rock in some parts"..."the fourth track on the album "Legacy" (all instrumental) is very reminiscent of King Crimson"..."Unleash The Truth" begins with the song "Eye For An Eye" that alone is worth the price of the album"... "Save Me" is a song that will carry you into a vortex making you fall in love more and more with this group"..."The Annie-Christ" and its hypnotic chorus...same thing with "Welcome To The Future" the darkest track on the album"..."the thirteenth and final track "A National Acrobat" (Black Sabbath cover) is masterfully remade"..."great work from a group that deserves to be known by the general public because they have huge potential"”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating : 9/10...(translated from Spanish to English) ..."these Swedes capture the essence of this timeless genre that can make your mind completely transport you into a parallel world.....fortunately "Unleash The Truth" get everything you want from a classic work of Doom.....a feeling and an atmosphere of great intensity....DOOMDOGS is the secret of genius and talent that have been able to project their understanding of the classic Doom"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash the Truth"...Score: 8,5/10... (translated from Spanish to English) ..."the pure Doom/Stoner sound of DOOMDOGS is bright and brilliant in every aspect"... ..."tracks like "Save Me", "Welcome to the Future" and "Magic Of The Black Circle" are excellent tracks that continue to maintain the high level of the disc"... ..."In short, if you like old-fashioned Doom /Stoner with good quality in the compositions...this new DOOMDOGS CD will meet all those parameters"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 8/10... (translated from German to English)... ..."the music can stylistically be classified somewhere between the old Black Sabbath and early Kyuss"..."the rough deep voice of Tomas Eriksson fits like the proverbial fist in the eye"..."the 70s impregnated crude blend of doomy hard rock / metal, Iommi tribute riffs and woozy stoner sounds in perfect harmony"..."and even quiet parts as purely instrumental "Legacy" painted only by flutes and acoustic guitars fit into the mystical, gloomy overall picture of the band"..."this album have actually very few or almost no filler tracks"..."a fine work of the relevant genre"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 8/10... (translated from German to English)... ..."the 13 songs (70 minutes) show that DOOMDOGS differ from the majority of the Doom and Stoner bands, especially by their compositional diversity"..."parallels with CANDLEMASS and ORANGE GOBLIN are obvious"..."my highlight is "Metal Mayhem" which you could classify as "Sludge'n'Roll"..."DOOMDOGS have the hits and the humor that's often missing in this genre"... ”

OX-FANZINE Magazine #98... - DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 8/10...

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating : 8/10... (translated from German to English)... ..."Unleash The Truth" is a thoroughly entertaining, sometimes breathtaking journey into the most creative and perhaps most important era of rock music 40 years ago, which has been transported into the 21st century and credible transposed..."DOOMDOGS have a very fine sense of melody and sophisticated song structures in their own infallible unique way and they unswervingly delivers a bullish album which has very many surprises"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 79/100...(translated from Dutch into English)..."Swedish Doomdogs takes their inspiration especially from Black Sabbath and Pentagram...this mix makes for good old rocking and grooving doom...great for concert halls and in the rock bars"..."the riffs of Chris...this man squeezes gorgeous old riffs from his guitar"... ”

"The Dogs of Doom Are Howling" - Ed Barnard/DOOMMANTIA interviewing DOOMDOGS...

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"... (translated from German to English) ..."these guys clearly rock their asses off, and apparently also have fun while doing it"..."the song material is of superb quality and implemented technically great"..."for BLACK SABBATH and sand-eating KYUSS fans"..."pure drive, just like for example MOTORJESUS"... "the track "Mind Slayer" even takes significant borrowings from CROWBAR, real power Doom"..."a strong "buy it" recommendation"..."Good stuff !"... Rating: 7,5 / 10... ”

“DOOMDOGS – "Unleash The Truth"... "Doomdogs are obviously descended from early Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Blue Cheer with a bluesy, rock oriented approach straight out of the early ‘70s"..." few moments of stoner/desert rock appear to drip in now and then, giving Doomdogs a sound with feet firmly planted in both Britain and America"..."Doomdogs are instantly recognizable to those raised on a healthy diet of early heavy metal before the NWOBHM explosion"..."Obviously, Doomdogs themselves are well schooled in the sound, as Unleash The Truth is chock full of riffs, bass lines, and sprawling jams that read like an alternative soundtrack to The Song Remains The Same, although totally derivative of the era in question, Unleash The Truth is a good album that knows exactly where it’s coming from"...Score : B+..."”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth".. (translated from Dutch into English)... ..."a mixture of Black Sabbath, Crowbar and Spiritual Beggars...this interesting combination makes for very relaxed but blasting music"..." the bass booms from the speakers and provide a high "chill" factor"..."you become totally absorbed by the greasy riffs...and a dirty stoner voice"..."this CD is a great trip and is also perfect if you just want a few minutes shut-down of the daily grind"..."all in all it's a very fine album and a must for fans of the above bands"...Score : 74 / 100...”

“DOOMDOGS – "Unleash The Truth"..... (translated from French into English)..."listening to the album is really surfing the wave of doom-rock"..."Tomas Eriksson, former drummer in Grotesque, takes care of the vocals here, and his tone is fat and frayed to perfection but always melodic, on the boundary between stoner, doom and southern metal, and that fits perfectly with the music"...the guitarist in this band is Christer Cuñat, and this guy has a sense for riffs directly inspired by Tony Iommi and Wino..."the bassist knows his stuff and more than two or three times totally reminds me of Geezer Butler"..."DOOMDOGS offers doom-rock strongly influenced by BLACK SABBATH and SAINT VITUS, but the Swedes also add a touch of stoner which gives originality to the group"...Score : 15 / 20..."”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth".. (translated from Hungarian into English)..."early Black Sabbath represents the greatest influence"..."the fanatic doomsters might find much pleasure in this disc"..."for me, this work is above the average"...Score : 7,5 / 10...”

“INTERVIEW.....METALFREAK's Alex Chaves interviewing DOOMDOGS...click the link and read the full interview...”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating: Very Good... (translated from German to English) ..."NEVER threatens to slip into boredom"...."Legacy" is a fascinating mystical instrumental"..."Save me" outs itself as a crossover experiment between New Orleans jazz, blues and gloom doom"..."Mind Slayer" presents itself as a roller coaster ride through the deep recesses of human thought"..."immensely passionate Heavy Doom deeply immersed in black melancholy touching the hidden corners of the soul"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating : 7.5/10... (translated from German to English)... ..."melancholic grooves"..."solid Black Sabbath influences"..."groovy, often with a slight Stoner-impact"..."the icing on the cake is a thoroughly relaxed cover of Black Sabbath's classic 'A National Acrobat' with PENTAGRAM guitarist Victor Griffin doing a guest appearance"... ”

Rock Hard Magazine #293... - DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating : 7.5/10...

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Rating : 73/100... (translated from Dutch to English)... ..."a seventies sound with some brisk thunderous stoner elements"..."if you wanna know how Orange Goblin would have sounded in the seventies, go listen to DOOMDOGS" ...”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 3,5/5... "the nearly seven-minute "Save Me" with dirty greasy stoner-doom convince"..."splendid Low-tunes like the opener "Eye For An Eye" and "The Annie-Christ" are really cool and "Magic Of The Black Circle" is also groovy cool"..."at the end there's a BLACK SABBATH cover...and NOT the umpteenth "Warpigs' mess...DOOMDOGS have very cocky choosen the rather less well-known "A National Acrobat"..."sounds like a cross between a turbocharged version of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS with the pastoral moments of KING CRIMSON mixed with CROWBAR - a magnificent description of "Unleash The Truth" which actually leaves nothing more to add"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 7/10... (translated from German to English)... ..."the songs live on low tuned guitars with extremely heavy, viscous, earthy riffs mark early BLACK SABBATH and CATHEDRAL"..."DOOMDOGS also have a latent progressive side, including bonds of KING CRIMSON and CREAM"......"raw, spirited rock pieces with a strong Stoner tendency and also a good feel for catchy melodies"... "clearly bears the spirit of the 1970s"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 7/10... (translated from German to English)... ..." a dark smokey-rock atmosphere"..."It creaks and growls...just the way it should be"..."Black Sabbath have been the inspiration"..."catchy Doom...no more, but certainly no less"... ”

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 70/100... (translated from Dutch to English)... ..."offers what you should expect from a doom-metal band...an analog sound that is rooted in the seventies, low growling guitars and desperate-sounding vocals"..."the style preserves the spirit of Black Sabbath and swings back and forth between Candlemass and Crowbar...faster at times with Motörhead-groove"... ”

AARDSCHOK MAGAZINE... - DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 70/100...

“DOOMDOGS - "Unleash The Truth"...Score: 11/15... (translated from German to English)... ..."very heavy earthy ultra deep riffs"..."clever song structures and Stoner elements"...""Unleash The Truth" may therefore be received with open arms by the target audience"... ”

“This is the debut album from the Swedish band Doomdogs. In this album we hear the band offering us traditional Doom Metal with some minor elements of Stoner Rock. Just think of Pentagram, St Vitus, Place Of Skulls, combined with the stoner moments of Cathedral and Electric Wizard. Most of the songs are characterized by heavy Sabbath-influenced riffs and most of the time clean but harsh vocals. The album opens with 'Fight The Greed' in a classic American flavoured Doom Metal style and the same goes for 'The Game', probably the heaviest moment on the album, and also 'I’m Sure' and the darker 'Calling'. Some variation comes with 'Dogs Of Doom' and 'Shout' that incorporate and some stoner elements from bands like Monster Magnet, especially in 'Shout', a great drinking song. Overall it is honest, well played and unpretentious. If you like any of the mentioned bands, you’ll probably enjoy this album as well.”

“Rating: 5 out of 5"......"A strong contender for debut of the year and possibly doom album of the year"...... "DoomDogs have enough variety to strike a chord with every doom metal fan - and enough non-doom influences to hook an extra group of fans as well"......"A kind of versatility rarely seen and should hopefully mean their name starts to become very widely known”

“EXCELLENT"..."Rating: 8 out of 10"......"Following SABBATH’s Mega tunes and with MOTORHEAD's bad-ass rock ‘n’ roll attitude - DoomDogs debut album is going to fill your speakers with some well-played Doom/Stoner muddy riffs and blow your ears out bleeding ”

“Rating: 8 out of 10"......"DoomDogs Debut Album is a Stoner & Doom Metal Invasion from Sweden"......"The undulation of grooves keep rolling in like runaway wrecking balls down a slick mountain slope - fundamentally a thunderous example of just how to establish an onslaught of Doom and Stoner Metal"..... ."Patrik on bass plays as if his fingertips are being severed right off"......"Guitar leads and riffs, courtesy of Christer - this is a guitarist that should make living legend Tony Iommi (of Black Sabbath) blush with old school pride"......"Lead vocalist GG sounds extremely determined - he sounds like he is leading his troops on a journey to take over the continents with DoomDogs"......"This is one heavy band that you should “pick up” and get your ears adjusted to very soon…otherwise you just might find yourself being behind the Metal eight ball, in a spell of dizzying embarrassment”

“Rating: 8 out of 10"......"Nice mix between 70s Blues Rock, 90s Stoner, the noughties Trad revival and repetitive Heavy Metal riffs......Bit of Sabbath, bit of Motorhead, bit of Kyuss, bit of Clutch......It's an album that spans the decades with it's influence but I think overall it sits in the 70s......As a debut it's excellent and I suspect they are going to get better and better”


“Rating: 79/100" ... "Like a mix of Black Sabbath and Motörhead - still you can hear some other influences too, like stoner and straightforward rock - and here and there you also can hear a riff or two that could have been on a Reverend Bizarre album" ...... "All in all there’s not much wrong with this album by these Swedes"......"When you dig groovy doom you should check it out”

“MUSIC: 8 out of 10 - SOUND: 8 out of 10"......"DoomDogs takes an old SABBATH riff, gives it a pimping from hell and here you have a smasher that really kicks ass"......"Dirty Rock which is driven by massive riffing and takes some of the heaviness and the soul of the likes of CROWBAR, not a too bad comparison if you ask me"......"Well, it should satisfy every need that the listener might have slumbering in his brain”

"Thomas Schubert" - DAREDEVIL RECORDS - Reviews

“Awesome voice - Awesome songs -Simply Awesome"...... "It's like listening to Crowbar but with joy, hope and "re-ignition", instead of anger, apathy and resignation"......Heavy and with a moderate dose of Sludge among all the Doom-riffs, resulting in a great groove"......"I'm very impressed by Thomas 'GG' Eriksson's awesome voice, and I wouldn't mind if he continued chanting "What we need Fight the greed" to infinity”

“With Tomas Lindberg reinventing himself as the metallic d-beat messiah, why shouldn't his former Grotesque colleague Tomas "Offensor" Eriksson grab the mic and follow Corrosion Of Conformity and Crowbar's trail with DoomDogs ?"...... Their self-titled debut may not reinvent the wheel but the overall quality of the songwriting and the track "Dogs Of Doom" alone will make you stamp your feet and grab the nearest joint" ...... "Rating: 7 out of 10”

"Olivier "Soltar" Badin" - TERRORIZER MAGAZINE #197 June 2010

“Riffs ! Riffs riffs riffs - these are my thoughts while this album is playing - Riffs ! "......And its weighty thickness and grisly fuzz are worth the twilight years of shouting - wassatchasay ?"......"Lots of memorable choruses and clunky, bobbing riffs that get the head nodding, as well as solos straight from God's guitar pick"......"DoomDogs' debut grinds its teeth through bluesy lead riffs with a great vintage '70s guitar sound somehow transposed onto the sweetly produced heaviness of stoner bands like Kyuss"......"Lead vocalist GG Erikson veers between snarled, almost growling vocals as well as sludgy rasps and hoarse bellows"......"The chorus ("The dogs of doooom - they're gonna get you soon!") has the potential for an instantly identifiable live staple and band classic”

“Rating: 8.5 out of 10"......"A mid-paced brand of gritty Stoner Sludge Metal inspired and sounding like a blend of Crowbar, Kyuss, Sabbath - with a healthy dose of Cathedral and Motorhead thrown in for good measure"......"The production is pure 1973 analog - giving the band a vibe that is rich in 70's hard rock and it's indeed heavy"......"A barrage of indestructible riffs along with charismatic vocals"......"You can beat a good fat riff and this album is full of them"......"When the band does throw in a Doom passage, its a Candlemass meets Cult Of Luna vibe"......"The guitar solos from Christer are inspiring and very exciting and the rhythm section is about as tight and solid as you will hear within the genre"......"A nice blend of retro riffing, modern Sludge Metal with quality Doom Metal overtones to complete what is a very good slab of Sludgy Metal - One of the must have albums of 2010, check it out”

“Doomdogs play a mid-paced version of slightly uglified stoner/doom with crust and doomcore-ish elements"... ..."Sort of like mixing Crowbar and a slowed down Kyuss with Neurosis and Cult of Luna"......"This is a really heavy experience”

“Rating: 8 out of 10" ......"Shows parallels to Trouble - with comparisons to Crowbar - reminds of classic Black Sabbath"......"The guitarist adding a psychedelic flavour allowing the listener to really let loose"......"The most important fact of the matter is the undiluted fun the musicians have playing their music, and with enough good riffs and ideas, they let the audience partake of the great time they are having”

“A production vibe that’s straight-up 1972"......"It’s more than anything the molasses-thick riffs and drinking-bleach-baleful solos of Christer Cuñat that set DoomDogs apart – his guitar work captures a certain soul that so many doom bands miss"......"The guitar leads ring like bolts of lightning hurled from Olympus"......"One of the best doom albums I’ve heard in a long time"......"DoomDogs have thrown the best parts of all your favourite doom bands’ best albums into their sonic cauldron and have sour-mashed the very finest elements of those albums together, and distilled the resultant potion down into one badazzz doom record”