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Jack Fordham
Jack Fordham  (over 5 years ago)
Can you add me to the roster
Strode College Live
Strode College Live  (over 5 years ago)
OK, you might need to type in your details for me
Kristen Lindop
Kristen Lindop  (over 6 years ago)
As part of our Off The Streets community workshops for youth and children Children's World Charity will be providing a Youth Music and Cinema Night at the Red Brick Building, Glastonbury on Friday 7th Aug. We would like to put on some young local musicians and/or a band live from 7.30pm - 9.30pm, the film then being screened from 10 - 11:30pm. The event went well last year with 2 solo performers and a screening of Pink Floyds " The Wall ". This year we'll be showing the original Mad Max film! Are there any young performers and/or small bands who may be interested in doing a 30 - 45min slot? You can contact us via our Facebook pages or email childrensworldcharity@gmail.com Thanks. See you there!
OceansApart  (over 8 years ago)
could we be added to the roster please.
The Inlimbo
The Inlimbo  (almost 9 years ago)
Still In Limbo
Still In Limbo  (about 9 years ago)
Henry Wacey
Henry Wacey  (almost 10 years ago)
Can I be added to the roster as well please?
Chris Kipper Roberts
Chris Kipper Roberts  (over 10 years ago)
Can I be added to the roster too?
Strode College Live
Strode College Live  (about 10 years ago)
Hi Chris, your stuff looks interesting. I love the Fairport Convention version of 'Million dollar bash' as well as loving the Band and Dylan! Do you have a connection with Strode college as the lable is designed to promote past and present students? If not, we could think about making a connection!
Sid Taylor
Sid Taylor  (over 10 years ago)
hey I would like to be added to the artist roster if that is alright
Strode College Live
Strode College Live  (about 10 years ago)
You are on Sid - just the second page. good luck with your course!