Logan Hardin
Logan Hardin  (15 days ago)

I was contacted on my page about a show at Bombshells in Orlando, Florida on July 28th. I responded, but haven't heard anything since.

Ras Out
Ras Out  (20 days ago)

Good day,
To book RAS OUT please contact Ms. Jacobs at yjacobs514@gmail514@gmail.com
Thanks in advance
Jamrock Records Publishing http:www.internationalhype.com

Rio Bless
Rio Bless  (22 days ago)

Hi, Thank you for visiting my page. I just uploaded two new songs I think you might like.

Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp  (about 2 months ago)

Hi there guys, it's Jumbo Shrimp Inc from South Florida. We wanted to thank you for visiting our Reverbnation page. Please take a listen at our songs & view our videos. Your timing is perfect. We're currently in the global finals of a Hard Rock Cafe competition. We won our regional LIVE performance competition and now have a chance to be recognized globally. The deciding factor will be the engagement that we create on our ReverbNation account because this is sponsored by ReverbNation. Is there any way we can communicate directly and perhaps get your support on sending out some sort of communication to your members to encourage them to support us? I, the manager Ralph, can be contacted at 561.346.3859.

Istarii  (2 months ago)

Thanks for taking the time to listen Eric. We can't confirm the date, but appreciate the offer. Contact any time.

Luther McGinnis
Luther McGinnis  (2 months ago)

Hi Eric, I will be in Europe for 6/25 showcase date. But do you have any other dates coming up that I can possible perform in?

Robin Landry
Robin Landry  (3 months ago)

Hi Eric, I'm so flattered that you asked me to play in June, but unfortunately I'm out of town that week. Please feel free to ask again.--Robin

VAGABOND HUM  (3 months ago)

We love what your doing for artists. We would love to know more about how to get involved. Best wishes for 2017! ~VAGABOND HUM.

JasonV : CHRISTIAN RAPPER:  (3 months ago)

Sorry couldn't make it. I am in panama city over sighting a rental agreement for my real estate business. Please notify me if any other events come up in florida. Thank you

Deltro  (4 months ago)

Hey LME we are trying to put together a podcast about local artists in Snohomish County/Puget Sound area. I saw you do stuff in Vancouver and thought maybe you knew of some artists that would fit this criteria.