Stacy Farkas Official
Stacy Farkas Official  (9 months ago)

Hi how are you? I ,looking to get some live shows in.
Thank you Stacy

Ecologyngle  (9 months ago)

Showing love with support for much success! Cheers * Patricia :)

Reid Thomas
Reid Thomas  (10 months ago)

Waste of time Landmark is...

UNIT OF ONE  (11 months ago)

hi guys thanks for invite but as i am a solo artist and make my own band using synth-guitar it would be hard to do live .pray for world peace so we can all create music :)

ACIDFOLK  (11 months ago)

Hi just checking in, great work top page ;-)

G-bolo Numoney
G-bolo Numoney  (11 months ago)

touching base ,looking to get some live shows in ...thankx

30 Stacks
30 Stacks  (12 months ago)

Thirty StackZ and BBK CHICAGO dropping by 2 show me some love!!!!!!!

The Willy
The Willy  (about 1 year ago)

Thanks Amanda , but I tried to enter a year ago but Landmarkevents seems to want the artist to provide more tickets sales for the event and/ or artist willing to pay for recordings. Not music to be reviewed , I'm doing my own shows in the summer months , but if you would like to send a radio weasel to review my music,and get it on the radio that would be nice , but ( it's really sad way of get Radio play ) I would be happy to help with your shows. I've spoke to Bands that enter the Vancouver shows not all were very happy with the event , some didn't get to play base on the ticket sales ,and they didn't meet the people their were promised to meet . but did say great things about the venues Red Room is a great Rickshaw is awesome , I can get my own gigs from them now I know some of the same people because they came to events I did play.

THE TIMMYYZZZ  (about 1 year ago)


Jeri Stern
Jeri Stern  (about 1 year ago)

Good morning from Winnipeg - thanks for reaching out. We're looking forward to the return of the LME Festival, & preparing something spectacular for our next opportunity. Keeping a close eye out for what's in store.
- J.A.W.S.