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New Success Story: Grateful That I Found Stuart via Music Xray


Robertson Tait, to put it in the words of his favourite songwriter/singer, is the immensely amusing (in a cutting way) lyricist. “Like a complete unknown” as far as the music industry is concerned. He was a former Scottish swim champion, British Swim Team member and a 3 time All-American. He is also an equestrian competitor and an equestrian coach certified by the Canadian Equestrian Federation. Robertson was also a part of many TV productions, films and once even an opera as a British Actor’s Equity member while he was still living in London. But he wasn't singing then.

He picked up a guitar three years ago, and as they say, one chord led to another. Currently he is completely taken over by music and is struggling to find a way to materialize the musical concepts in his head. He says: “Production is my biggest problem but it was just so great to work with Stuart Epps who I found via Music Xray and get the satisfaction of the added dimension he supplied. I guess I’d really like for my songs to be picked up by a name artist who could bring to the table all that their production team could achieve.”

Robertson had the chance to work with Stuart Epps (we believe there's no need for any more introduction with this great music producer) for his song Homeless in New York and couldn't be more happier with the results. His email goes...

Upon submitting a song for consideration, Stuart gave a very quick response and an encouraging critique despite the rather bare bones nature of my recording. He basically took my song demo and after a brief discussion of the sound I envisaged, realized the full concept that was in my head. I am thrilled with the way he makes the song build and build to that great ending, just great. Stuart is very generous with ideas and suggestions, clearly his vast experience allows him to call upon a reservoir of concepts for different sounds. With great patience, he was always open to my vision of how I wanted the song to sound and very ready with all means at his disposal to achieve what I was looking for. Stuart also, very helpfully, suggested using the great voice of Juliet Gough to do harmony and give a really haunting sound to the ending – fabulous!

I am truly grateful that I found Stuart via Music Xray and amazed at how approachable a guy with his background turned out to be. In short, Stuart’s work is superlative and he’s great to work with! Thanks again for the service that Music Xray provides for musicians to connect with industry professionals.

You're welcome Robertson and we thank you as well for believing in our platform. We are happy that you got connected with Stuart through the site and rest assured that we will continue to have caliber music industry professionals like him.

Listen to Robertson's original demo of Homeless in New York and listen to Stuart Epps Mix in his full EPK here and make up your own mind. We are sure you will not have doubts with Stuart so always be on the look out for his latest opportunities on his Music Xray profile here.

Looking for Female Country Songs.

Looking for Female Country Songs in the style of Deanna Carter, Sara Evans and The Dixie Chicks

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2355

We are looking for some top-notch, commercial female country tunes to add to the Living Wills Music catalog being pitched on Music Row. Publishing must be available.

What we DO WANT TO HEAR: Love songs, story songs, real-life songs and "this is who I am" songs. We want creative ideas/angles and also songs that are "out of the box" while still being commercial. All tempos (but if you're submitting a ballad, know that its got to be amazing!).

What we DON'T WANT TO HEAR: Songs with cliches and ideas that have been written a million times. (We want songs with new concepts). Songs that don't have publishing available.

A&R Blog Looking for Artists, Producers and Songwriters

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2934

I Think I Love It (ithinkiloveit.com) is an A&R tip blog looking to profile the hottest up-and-coming artists, producers, and songwriters.

We are looking for artists with mass commercial appeal (think Katy Perry or LMFAO), as well as artists whose sound is untraditional, but still accessible (think Marina & The Diamonds or Foster The People).

EMI Music Publishing Canada Looking for Songwriters and Producers

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2934

MI Music Publishing Canada is looking for songwriters and producers to add to its roster.

This is not a genre-specific opportunity, but your sound must have MAINSTREAM appeal.

Please note that you MUST RESIDE IN CANADA in order to be considered for signing. Do not submit otherwise.

Current Film Needs Music. Not Insrumental

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/36

Heart of the Country is shooting in North Carolina in March-April 2012. The book comes out on Tyndale in May. Prodigal son (in this case daughter) returns home from NYC to the heart of the country. Starring country singer Jan Kramer. Go to www.heartofthecountrymovie.com

Need songs. Release early 2013.

My Faith Has Been Restored


Michael Dimitri has been a musician his whole life. Writing songs and performing them is all he wanted to do since he was young. Born in Alabama, Michael lived in New England, Canada, the UK and has traveled all over Europe. These days you'll find him in Forth Worth Texas. Michael worked with Wilson Pickett, Jaco Pastorius, Dreamworks and the Presley estate.

Although known professionally and promoted primarily as a vocalist and songwriter, Michael also plays the guitar, bass, drums, percussion and piano, and have worn the Musical Director's hat for television and the theater as an orchestral arranger. He has a drawer full of songs, a suitcase full of lyrics and he is very ready to have his music heard.

And we are thankful that when Michael chose a service to help him get his songs to the ears of music professionals, he selected Music Xray. He sent us an email recently informing us that his song "I Am Somebody" was selected by WHOMAG Multimedia for the upcoming film "Errand Boys" and his songs "Summertime", "Where Did It All Go Wrong", "Changing World" as well as "I Am Somebody" and "We Are All One" have all been chosen by Eddie “Sea” Caldwell for a publishing/licensing contract. His email goes on...

"In total I’ve submitted for 8 opportunities and two of them were for critiques only but still they were also very favorable. Currently I am awaiting a decision on my last submission. Through the years, I have become rather cynical. I’ve had some great success with my music over the last 40 years but I’ve also had some major heartbreaks and dealings with con artists. I am pleased to announce that my faith has been restored. Thank you Music Xray. Just thought I’d let you know."

Well thank you so much for letting us know about this great news Michael! It's always nice to hear success stories like this and you can count on us to continue on the path we started, to keep improving and building more features for both our artists and music professionals. Music Xray will continue to be the 21st Century A&R Platform.

Check out Eddie “Sea” Caldwell and WHOMAGMultimedia and be the next artist to work with these music pros. Do check out Michael Dimitri's music as well and find out why it caught Eddie and WHOMAG's interests.

World Renowned Producer Mr. Mig Looking For Songs

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2721

World Renowned Producer Mr. Mig is looking for hit records in the style of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Progressive House, Electro, DubStep, Pop, Minimal Tech and more. If picked your record will be signed to be recorded by one of our various projects and distributed worldwide through Global Groove/Ingrooves/Universal.

Background: Considered a pioneer in EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore has been producing and remixing for the worlds biggest artists including Beyonce, Usher, Taylor Swift, Adele, LeAnn RImes, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo and many more. He has written hits for Jesse McCartney and Dream Street, Lucas Prata, Svala, The System, Kathy Sledge (From Iconic group Sister Sledge and many, many more.

In 2011 partnered with Mike Rizzo and Josh Harris, collectively known as "Funk Generation", they earned a GRAMMY NOMINATION for Best Remix along with David Guetta, AfroJack and others.

The chosen submissions will be signed to Global Groove/InGrooves/Universal and will be produced, mixed and mastered at Mr. Mig's studio, AudioMaxx Studios.

ROIR is Looking for Dub & Roots Music- Lee Perry meets 10 Ft. Ganja Plant

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2195

ROIR the home to albums by Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Twilight Circus, Bill Laswell, Badawi, Jah Works, Wordsound, Dr. Israel, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Digitaldubs, Niney The Observer, Ras Michael, Phase Selector Sound, Digital K., Bush Chemists, Onu Sound, Adrian Sherwood, Dub Syndicate, Big Youth, Yellowman, Oku Onuora, Alpha & Omega, Bad Brains, The Skatalites, Darryl Jenifer and many others... is looking for the new sound in Dub & roots music.

Please send us heavy weight material.

Perform at the California Music Industry Summit, June 8-9th in Oakland

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2675

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS), taking place June 8-9, 2012 at the Hilton in Oakland, is "The Ultimate Platform for all Genres of Music". Geared towards the education of both established and emerging artists and music industry professionals, CMIS is an opportunity for professional development and education on the newest trends in the today’s music industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience two activity filled days of workshops and panels lead by top experts in the music industry.

CMIS also opens the stage to independent artists who wish to expand their fan base and network with fellow musicians, and industry executives. Both days of the conference will conclude with exciting music showcases, which are open to all genres of music. The California Music Industry Summit is where creative people connect and cultivate professional relationships that can last a lifetime.

In its 3rd year, California Music Industry Summit will have over 80 bands performing. Performances will be held during and nightly in some of Oakland's greatest music venues. Past performers include: Urban Punk comprised of hip-hop veteran, H2O, and American Idol finalist La Toya London, OBI Soul Star, Fallen Sputnik (DJ), Baby Jaymes, Dug Brecheisen, Malicious, Ominós, Dylan Chambers, Ann - Marita, Dane Drewis Band Side FX, HYIM, Felicia, Dorothy Morrison, Transparent, Jimmy Reign, Frinly The Chosen, Kehla, LB Muzac, Zulayka, Kenya Music, Tracy Cruz, Elements of Truth, Daniel Toney, Chris Kae, Whitney Myer Band, Siphu Zee, Kate Killbane Lilan Kane, Ama Evolution, Feva In Da Funkhouse, The Interchangeable Hearts Glimpse Trio, Stevie L, Phil Edwards and Fresh Start, Alicia BT, Morpheus B Quartet Rouge and many more.

Metal and Rock Music Reviews and Interviews

Opportunity: http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2925

Submit your metal (all genres) and rock (all genres) music for review. IF it makes my ears bleed, I'll write up a review for posting on the Kali Diaries. IF it makes the DJ in my brain very happy, I'll also write it up for the Unsigned Band section of one of the other publications I write for.

Either way, I'll scream to high heaven - which is in the area of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace - about your band to get you the maximum exposure. Need another outlet to push your tour dates? I can do that. Need to let the world know more about your band other than wicked groovy music? I conduct interviews as well. Even if your music doesn't move me to mosh about my office, I'll let you know what I think of it.