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Living Without Regret

BILL BLOG Tuesday March 28, 2017 Hard to believe the last of March is on us...already. STORMS We had a storm system roll through again last evening. We missed the hail that some folks got. I don't want "golf size" anything hitting my deck. We escaped the worst of it for sure. It's that time of year. One of my friends sent me a text of the radar screen at about 5 pm and it looked pretty ugly...lot of green, red and yellow all over the map. What got my attention was the note. "baten down the hatches". It occurred to me that the only time I hear "baten" is when bad news on the way. Much like the words, "hunker down". How "hunker" and "baten" got associated with bad storms so much is a mystery to me...but I don't particularly care to see those words a whole lot because of what's coming. YESTERDAY I did get out and get a stroll in before the word "baten" hit my phone screen...so that's good. And I wrote a parody song for New York about Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan being this year's host for the Academy Of Country Music Awards Show coming up in Vegas this Sunday. Happy to do it. Look for a marching band to appear on the show. And that's all I can say bout that for now. SPEAKING OF COUNTRY Hard to believe that Reba McEntire turns 62 today. Still tearing it up. One of those that's pretty much successful at everything she tries. Happy Birthday Reba. When I went back to B105 Radio for a second time years ago...Reba called one of the first mornings I was there and sang "Welcome Back"...from the "Welcome Back Kotter" TV show...except she inserted my name into it. Made me laugh...and respect how she went the extra mile to make that moment memorable.

CELEB COUPLE The new power celebrity couple? The baseball player A-Rod is out running with J-Lo. In order to be cool myself...I'm renaming me B-Wad. Hope it catches on. REGRETS Read a "makes sense" kind of list on MSN this morning. This one being a list of things you'll regret doing in your life. There were maybe 30 things they listed...and I think I agreed with each item on that list. My faves being that you'll regret: holding grudges, burning bridges, worrying too much about money, not going for your dream job and not traveling. Life's a pretty short blip. Pretty good list to think about for all of our lives. What good does it do YOU to hold a grudge? I've crossed back over bridges I was SO glad I did not burn. We all need money...but to over worry about it is truly senseless. And somewhere in your life you learn that "being happy" trumps being miserable and rich. It's big fascinating world...get out and see what you can afford to see. And do go for your dream job. I grew up as a kid in Missouri without lots of money dreaming of being on WSM Radio someday...the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry. I will always be glad I sent a little e-mail to the Program Director there several years ago with a short resume. And truly...you'll feel better about yourself if you at least TRY to grab that job you REALLY want. You get over failure...but it's hard to get over "not trying" later in your life. I'm still upset though about being turned down for that Chippendale Dancer job I so badly wanted. The interviewer as I recall mumbled, "nobody wants to see that". But...I got over it.

TODAY Off to write with my Georgia Quacker friend Gerald Smith. Always always a fun experience.

Have a great Tuesday!

Basketball and Tin Pan South

BILL BLOG Monday March 27, 2017 Well...back to a bit of normal this morning after being on the air for WSM last week which made it impossible to find time to "blog"...so here we go. Oh...and thanks to everyone who listened in some...I had a blast working with Charlie Mattos every morning...and we had a slew of great "live" musical guests all week that made it even more fun...including my "Hits & Grins" trio that was on air Friday morning. And thanks for all the great phone calls e-mails and texts too. Again...a very fun week getting back to my radio roots a bit on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry 650AM WSM. THE WEEKEND Had a birthday yesterday. I celebrate those quietly...glad they are still rolling around so far. I don't take any day for granted for sure...and I'm certainly one of those blessed to be doing what I like to do these days. I appreciate all the notes and texts and calls yesterday from family and friends. How'd I celebrate? Watching the basketball games last night with a few good friends house. My friend Lang Scott is a South Carolina alum...they have NEVER been to the Final Four...so you can imagine how much fun that was being in his Man Cave with a couple of other buddies and watching them advance. And then the North Carolina-KY game? Incredible. March Madness indeed. We also had an avid Tarheel fan in our group...and they of course won at the last second sending the roar in the man cave to a new high decibel level. Boys being boys yesterday. I have no teams left to really root for...so I'm rooting for my buddies team...the Gamecocks. A great birthday yesterday for sure. FRIDAY Backing up. After I got off the air Friday I wrote for the first time with Kaitlyn Baker and her friend from Murray, Kentucky Janet Miller. (You can see my interview with her on WSM by clicking on that link) Kaitlyn is from Pound Virginia and can sing country. She recently lost her guitar player unfortunately in a tragic accident. I knew that going in. Her friend and co-writer Janet just happen to bring in a title idea that allowed the song to address loss that we all feel. My Mom died in an accident...so I can relate and pull from those feeling. I'm pretty sure this will be something that Kaitlyn will sing and record somewhere down the road as she and Janet both were crying at times. Not in an awful "I don't wanna hear that kind of song"...but in a good way if that makes sense. I think I was supposed to be there Friday. I'll keep you posted on what happens with this tune.

NEW SHOW I've added a new show. Thursday night April 20 I'll be at the new Intracoastal (used to be the "Hot Spot") which is located at the Wharf in beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama for a show with my friend Brent Burns at 6 pm. Always hilarious fun when we get a chance to play a show together. I'll be seeing quite a bit of my friend this week too here in Nashville as he'll be here Thursday through Saturday starting to record his next album. I think I'll have six or seven songs I wrote with him on this project...a couple of new very funny songs too. So I'll be buried in a studio with him this weekend. Let the silliness begin.

TODAY Catching up...writing parody songs for my New York folks and getting ready for the studio this weekend by prepping songs.

Have a great Monday.

Arkansas-Missouri Road Tripping

BILL BLOG Friday March 17, 2017 And may the luck o' the Irish be with you today laddies and lassies. YESTERDAY First leg of our road trip. Nashville to Hot Springs, Arkansas with "Hits & Grins" for a show last night at the Five Star Dinner Theater in downtown Hot Springs which is located right across the Arkansas Walk Of Fame where we can see the names of Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Bill Clinton and all the famous "sooey" folks and celebrities. We had a small turn out last night...but enthusiastic. My thanks to Tom and Susan Wilkins...who own, run and perform in some of the shows at this wonderful intimate theater in Hot Springs. Tom was nice enough to move around a show to put us in the room Thursday night giving us a nice tie in for our next tip to Little Rock today and then on to Farmington, Missouri on Saturday afternoon. Steve Dean is from Little Rock and he had guy showed up who played in a band with him when he was kid. It was a nice surprise for him. And I had an old friend Linda Kreuser and her husband come to the show too. Linda is the world's biggest fan of Loretta Lynn and used to live in Milwaukee and listen to me on the radio up there. Great seeing them again too. All in all a fun evening that ended with conversation over pancakes and breakfast late at iHop. Again thanks to Tom and Susan for their wonderful hospitality...and to those of you who came to the show...thank you too. CH CH CHANGES A class full of screenwriting kids were asked how they watch TV. 17 out of 20 said they watch everything on an iPad or a mobile device. They want what they want when they want it...on demand. The world continues to spin and change and change. Pretty sure some of those kids want what's in their parents will right now too. Glad they can't just pull that out of their smart aleck phones ahead of time. NEXT WEEK A reminder...I'll be on air Monday through Friday next week on 650 AM WSM doing the morning show with Charlie Mattos from 5:30 AM-10 AM. And our "Hits & Grins" trio will be in studio to play some of our songs a week from today on WSM. Listen worldwide at wsmonline.com TODAY Getting ready to head for Little Rock about an hour and a half away to hang with Steve Dean's wonderful Father Frank Dean...and then do a show tonight at Khalil's Irish Pub and Grill on St. Patty's night. They are actually having some Irish Step Dancers put on a little demonstration during our intermission. This...could...get crazy. And then tomorrow we have a 2 pm show at Nelson's Music City near Farmington, Missouri to wrap up this road trip.

Havea great weekend!

Hot Srpings-Little Rock-Farmington Road Trip

BILL BLOG Thursday March 16, 2017 Connected dark and early this morning at my Starbucks and blogging with a Grande Pike...black...getting ready to hit the road to Hot Springs, Arkansas in a just few minutes for three gig road trip. YESTERDAY My thanks to Tom Nichols for having me on his show at KVRE Radio in Hot Springs, Arkansas to promote our "Hits & Grins" show tonight at 7 pm at the Five Star Dinner Theater in Hot Springs...downtown. Tom bought his own small market radio station over 25 years ago and his wife and daughter and family members all work for the station. How cool...and nostalgic. Our conversation certainly took me back to the Mom & Pop radio station that I started at KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri. Paul Salois bought that little station and he and his wife Betty ran it...and their kids too were on air and did different things to keep that little operation going. And they made a HUGE difference in my life of course when they hired an 18 year old kid from Elsberry, Missouri. It was just the greatest way to learn radio. Mom and Pop. You did everything that needed being done. Read the news, obituaries, recorded commercials, checked the rain gauge, shook hands in the community....whatever needed to be done. So Tom Nichols and I had a little on air trip down memory lane for both of us yesterday morning and I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for the memories...and for your air time Tom. Hope to see you and your family at our show tonight. FUNNY SONG Yesterday's funny song for New York was written to cover the story I mentioned yesterday about the woman who's headphones exploded on an airplane. Cell phones, washers and dryers, hoverboards, and now headphones all going up in smoke. Song choice? It didn't take long for me to write this new version of the Johnny Cash classic "Ring Of Fire".

COUNTRY MUSIC It's a no brainer if you're a songwriter-musician-creative person that this is the place to be. The guy who delivers your pizza is probably in the music business. And I love the fact that our newspaper devotes tons of articles to the music biz. Today there was an article about Don Warden. Who? Don Warden is in the steel guitar hall of fame. Played behind Porter Waggoner starting in 1967 when Porter was all over our black and white TV set in Missouri with his show that I loved. He hired Dolly Parton back then with (as my friend Linda Davis says) with her hair "jacked up to Jesus". Tall hair. Rhinestones...black and white. I loved it. When Dolly left Porter and then wrote her apology song to him "I Will Always Love You"...she took Don Warden with her who became her manager, lifetime friend and confidant. Don Warden died at age 87 and Dolly grieves. I've told my Dolly story I'm sure but will repeat the short part of it here. I recorded my one and only vinyl album at a studio that she and Porter owned together...Fireside Studio. Royce and Jeannie "The Kendalls" produced the project...thanks to my lifetime friend Dean Raymer who made that happen. Anyway...there I am in Porter and Dolly's studio... just a nervous kid with my little Missouri band the "Shortline Express". When I came out into the hallway that day there was Dolly wearing a little red bandana tied to her head. She was SO nice...and humble as she remains today. And she gave me a stack of albums! A lasting memory to say the least.

TODAY On the road again!

Hot Springs...Little Rock...Farmington

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 15, 2017 The temp in my car read 27 degrees this morning. And to think...just a couple of days ago I was in shorts and t-shirts for a week in Phoenix. Wow. WEATHER Could always be worse...ask the folks out east pulling the ripcords on their snowblowers trying to get out this morning. A Dad in Staten Island tried to shovel snow out for is parents and had a heart attack and died. A cruel reminder to be careful doing that stuff. Heavy snow is why God invented teenagers. Hire one. YESTERDAY My thanks to Mike Thomas at KFAV Radio in Warrenton, Missouri for having me on to help promote our "Hits & Grins" show this Saturday afternoon at Nelson's Music City near Farmington. Mike is one of the really really good guys in broadcasting and has been in that building where I too worked on air for awhile for a very long time. For good reason. That community is lucky have him for sure. Thanks Mike. MORE RADIO And...this morning I'll be on radio station Tom Nichols on KVRE in Hot Springs, Arkansas to plug our "Hits & Grins" show at the Five Star Dinner Theater tomorrow night. That interview will happen at 10:25 and you can listen in on their website if you'd like at the link provided. ST. PATS Yesterday my parody song request from New York was for something for St. Patty's Day which is this Friday when our trio will be at Khalil's Irish Pub in Little Rock...more on that later. So somewhere this week a morning radio show or two will be playing "Green Beer In My Hand" instead of the hit "Drink In My Hand" that Eric Church recorded. My official Irish contribution this year. I love Irish...Gaelic music...closely related to country music...especially traditional. My favorite Irish tune...and this is a comedic stretch...is this little shamrock ditty "Trauma To The Groin" from my whacked out nutty musical comedian friend Heywood Banks. Makes me laugh every time...and maybe you too. Take a listen.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY "Mother & Son Becoming Father And Daughter". Both having a sex change surgically. Whatever I say here will be wrong...so I'll let you write your own punch line. TODAY Time to prep for that radio interview...and then it will be time to turn my attention to the road trip of three shows with "Hits & Grins" in Missouri and Arkansas. We leave early tomorrow morning for the show in Hot Springs tomorrow night at the Five Star Dinner Theater...then Friday in Little Rock at Khalil's Irish Pub and Grill for a St. Patricks Day show! And we wrap it up with a 2 pm show Saturday at Nelson's Music City near Farmington, Missouri. Hope to see some of you out front.

Have a great Wednesday! Have a great Wednesday!


BILL BLOG Tuesday March 14, 2017 Anyone see where Spring went? Yikes. 42 for a high here...yet I'm grateful to be living in the south this morning and not in the northeast that's getting pounded with a blizzard today. Uh...no. I remember...as much as my family loved Milwaukee when we lived there...I did celebrate when we moved from there by selling our snowblower. Still makes me smile. ON AIR As you are reading this...I just finished up an interview in Missouri with my friend Mike Thomas at KFAV FM Radio 99.9 FM in Warrenton. Mike gave me some air time to promote my "Hits & Grins" show with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier that happens this Saturday afternoon at 2 pm at Nelson's Music City near Farmington, MO. Tickets at the door or you can go to their website and hold advance tickets. Thanks to Mike who's been a great radio buddy for years for giving us some air time. MORE ON AIR And then tomorrow I'll be on air in Hot Springs, Arkansas on KVRE with Tom Nichols to promote our "Hits & Grins" show that happens this Thursday night at the Five Star Dinner Theater in downtown Hot Springs. Click on the link above and listen in online tomorrow morning at 10:25 AM. YESTERDAY My comedy song assignment was to write a parody song about picking your teams for those brackets for March Madness. I took the Brad Paisley hit "Ticks" and turned it into "Picks". My advice? Pick your teams by the color of their uniforms. You'll have just as much luck. Got in a little workout at the Y...and did a lot of work on this mini tour starting Thursday with "Hits & Grins" that's sneaking up on us. YUM It's Pi Day. That math thing that basically says if you put a pie in microwave your picture will be taken. Or something like that. WSM Radio is having a Pie Day to celebrate. Everyone brings a pie of some kind. I'm a cake guy...so I'm waiting for that celebration...but I do appreciate the invite. SALUTE Our oldest Pearl Harbor survivor...Ray Chavez celebrated his 105th birthday this week. He said, "I'm no hero". Yes you are Ray. Thank you. Everyone should take the Pearl Harbor tour once in their life. Moving to say the least. TODAY Working ahead for the road trip...pre-packing and getting logistics in order for the early Thursday departure.

Have a great Tuesday!