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Bill Whyte / Blog

The Tour and a Loss

BILL BLOG Wednesday January 27, 2016 Hump Day...and over it we go. YESTERDAY Tuesday is our get together with our "Hits and Grins" trio Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself. We finished up a song together that's going to be fun to do "live" in our concert set someday...and got up to speed on our tour out west starting Friday. Victoria put our itinerary together so we're good to go. Borger, Texas Friday night. Silver City, New Mexico February 2 where we will roll in early and teach a music/songwriting class at one of the local schools before our concert that night. And then we wrap up with a February 4 show in Payson, Arizona where we will arrive early for a radio interview. In between we'll hang out in Albuquerque where I have not been since I played there with a band many years ago. So it will be a chance to revisit "Old Town" where I bought some turquoise jewelry when I was there...and we'll take the tram up to Sandia Peak where Steve and I will sit in a lodge with libations while we watch Victoria go tumbling down a ski hill. And she thinks she's going to be the one having all the fun. Uh huh. Looking forward to the trip which starts with a very early flight out of Nashville...to Dallas...then another flight to Amarillo...rent a car...drive into Borger. Full days ahead...all good.

SAD I received news that a gentleman who opened up his great facility in Tyler Texas to the Wounded Warriors passed away His name is Pierre De Wet. I played at his winery/event center along with my friend Jenny Tolman this past year which was such an honor. The man came to America from South Africa with nothing...bought a plot of land in East Texas and turned it into a hugely successful winery/event center and recording studio that I toured....where Randy Travis recorded some of his music. Amazing facility. Pierre opened his place to the Wounded Warriors....music...dinner...drinks...gambling games...and Jenny and me played music for them. He LOVED America. And just meeting him one time...you loved the guy. I'm so sorry to hear this news. He's going to be missed by many.

AND THEN THERE'S THIS HEADLINE OF THE DAY "How I lost nearly 100 pounds by eating pizza every day". I'll be reading that article later today for sure. I'm betting he's eating a slice WHILE he's on the treadmill. We'll see. TODAY Off to write with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard. Dave is a great writer/player/producer...Grammy nominated...and he is working on a project for Jenny which is going to be really great. Right now it's all about getting her a stack of great songs. I'm hoping we write one of those today. To get prepared and fueled up...I'll be smoking a cigarette and eating pizza before I get there. Okay...maybe not. Have a great Wednesday!

Camera Time

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 26, 2013 Don't look now but the first month of the New Year is almost gone already. Geez. YESTERDAY I was glad to be able to get out and up our road yesterday to go to WSM Radio where they were doing a staff photo shoot inside the 650AM WSM Studio located in the Opryland Hotel. I know pictures are getting serious when they have a team of hair and makeup people on site. I got a little more time with make-up than hair for all the obvious reasons. Couple of poses...in...out...done...and I guess you'll be able to see mine on the website soon at wsmonline.com Time flies. I have already worked at WSM about as long as any radio stop I've ever made along the way which is hard to believe. I'm not on air all that much so that kind of makes sense. Harder to keep track of years when you're not actually behind the microphone every day. I'm obviously proud to be a small small part of such a great radio station...and can honestly say...from top to bottom it's one of the nicest and best staffs from management on down that I've been a part of. I certainly appreciate them having me every now and then...and I hope my official picture doesn't scare the listeners away. REST OF MONDAY After the photo shoot...I managed to get to the gym...and then wrote three football parody songs for my comedy syndication company I write for. Two of those were custom jobs that go to a country radio station in Denver to play. So those were all about the Bronco's winning. Carolina is favored...but I am most surely rooting for Peyton as this will probably be the last we see of a class act. I was in Indy at the draft party when the Colts selected him as their number one draft choice back when. Class act like the rest of his family. They gave all of us in the media a Colts number 18 jersey after the fact which I think I have buried somewhere in a closet still. I'm thinking Cam Newton is going to have several chances to win the Lombardi Trophy...so I'm rooting that a week from Sunday Peyton will pull off an upset before he goes into the TV booth or ownership or whatever he chooses to do during his post football years.

TODAY It's "Hits and Grins" Tuesday. Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself will gather and try to finish up a song the three of us started last week...rehearse and go over our schedule for the three concert run out west that starts this Friday night in Borger, Texas. We will play in Borger, Silver City, New Mexico and Payson, Arizona during this run. And...we have some off days where we will bed down in Albuquerque. Looking forward to playing these theaters and making new friends out on the road as always. Blessed to do what I do. Have a great Tuesday!


BILL BLOG Monday January 25, 2016 To Florida and back...what a weekend. EVENING IN THE ROUND So...Friday the snow started falling...unexpectedly. We had a show Saturday night in Brooksville, Florida to get to...and the road I live on is treacherous with any snow on it at all...much less ice. So...our 10:30 departure time got moved up when I woke up at 6 am this past Friday to see the weather dudes got it wrong. The snow was not to start until 10:30 or noon...WRONG. So I knew looking out our front window I had zero chance of getting out of here in the vehicle I own. Fortunately...Lang Scott has 4 WD....managed to climb up our driveway and get me and my guitar and bags. Unfortunately my wife Kathy could not be ready as her bags were not packed yet....so she missed this trip which we all hated. We go back to Lang's house...coffee...and pick up his wife Linda Davis and we're off...slowly. We drop their youngest daughter at a friend's house...who walks out and give us a box of cat litter in case we get stuck. I told her...not once in my life has a woman ever given me cat litter. A grocery list yes. A hard time? Yes. Cat litter? Not so much. Fortunately we did not need it. We spent about an hour and half before we cleared the snow and hit rain and wind. Overnight in Valdosta....and we hit Brookville, Florida where it was COLD about 1 pm Saturday afternoon. THE SHOW The 11 hour drive was worth it as we had a great great crowd at the High Point Commmunity Center...a return engagement for us. My thanks to Clay and Sheila who made this happen by working their tails off and selling tickets. Couple of things stood out to me. A woman who was at this show last year at the age of 101...sat on the front row and looks healthier at 102! And she can still stand up on her own and take a bow to big applause. Amazing. There's hope for the rest of us. Second...I got to see so old friends I have not seen forever....Todd and Holly Leiser who drove up from Tampa where they are now retired. I worked with both of them at WUBE in Cincinnati way back when and had not seen them since. So a real pleasure to renew that friendship with them. LINDA DAVIS I also want to say congratulations to my great friend Linda Davis as Kenny Rogers invited her to be part of his farewell tour which is a major deal. That's 160 dates worldwide that she'll be a part of singing with Kenny. I plan on catching at least one of those shows before it's over. That does mean there will be less "Evening In The Round" shows because of that busy schedule....but it's just wonderful news for someone who deserves it. Kenny made a very wise choice!

TODAY Time to catch up...I have a photo shoot today for WSM Radio. I know...Bill Whyte and "photo shoot" should never be in the same sentence. I'm hoping I have a good angle and great makeup person.

Have a great Monday!

Snowy Trip To Florida

BILL BLOG Friday January 21, 2015 Short blog this morning as I'm looking out the window from the home of Lang Scott and Linda Davis as we get ready to try and get to Florida for our show Saturday night. I say try...because we've got real snow this morning...so the goal is to get south enough for it to be just rain...which is not very far away. Lang has all wheel drive and managed to get down our treacherous road to grab me and my bags. I have a little Toyota RAV that I drive mostly...and I watched this morning as our neighbor...who also has a RAV got stuck on the first hill going up our road and abandoned his car. Lang had zero problems getting to me...so off we go here in a few minutes. Wish us luck. Hard to imagine the weather guy could be wrong right? Uh huh. We were set for snow to start about 10:30...I woke up to a blanket of it at 6 AM. Weather folks are sort of like property appraisers. It's just an opinion. YESTERDAY I did have a fun Thursday that started in the recording studio with Wynn Varble and Gerald Smith as we laid the instrumental tracks down on a song the three of us wrote together. Always fun to hang with those two...and the song is going to turn out great. We'll lay vocals and the rest of it down later. Gerald teed me up for a solo gig here in town on March 16 at the Opry Backstage Grill. I'll do the feature set solo at 8:45 that night. Should be fun...and details are already in my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com. Thank you Gerald for that. LAST NIGHT My "Hits and Grins" trio played the Listening Room. Considering the ominous forecast...we had a great crowd last night. Much fun. And now Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself will look ahead to catching an airplane to Texas early next Friday morning for a three show run of Borger, TX, Silver City, NM, and Payson, Arizona that wraps up the mini tour on February 4. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones on this trip. That's it for today...white road ahead. Here we go. Have a great weekend!

Busy Snowy Road Ahead

BILL BLOG Thursday January 21, 2016 Awake...coffee...and looking at the weather trying to judge when to get out of Dodge in time to avoid what's coming. SNOW We had a dusting yesterday...but it doesn't take much here to shut us down. I stayed in all day and looked at the snow cover...my wife Kathy got out last night for her workout classes. Soooo....I'm thinking I'm good to go this morning and did get out on our little country/curvy/hilly road we live on going very very slow on the icy patches. But...when I got back to our house which sits on an acre with a driveway that goes straight up and has still not completely thawed out....I got stuck on an ice patch. Back down the hill...pedal to the metal...and then got past it. The problem coming up is I have a show tonight in town...and a 10 am departure tomorrow to Florida for a Saturday night show and we have to make sure we get off our little road before the snow they're calling for hits. So...I'll be watching the weather channel a bunch today. Right now they're saying it will hit Friday morning sometime...so we'll see. OFF THE ROAD I mentioned yesterday that I lived in Wisconsin....6 years. That's enough time to know how to drive in two feet of snow. First law...own something with 4 wheel drive. But here...a dusting and folks are in trouble. I don't think we had an inch of snow but yesterday police answered 166 calls for wrecks because of the weather. Good grief. And now I hear they are calling for "freezing fog". How the heck does fog freeze? I'll be googling that later this morning.

MOVIES The latest "Terminator" movie that was to be released this year has been pulled. Not sure why. But...in it's place will be a new "Baywatch" movie. So...Arnold Schwarzenegger has been replaced by Pam Anderson in a red bathing suit. Doubting there will be an Oscar nod in the future for "Baywatch"...but...it is iconic isn't it? I'm working on a farm based reality TV show where the girls wear Daisy Dukes and boots with the opening scene showing them running across an alfalfa field to be titled "Haywatch". BUSY I'm getting ready to hit a real busy period over the next few weeks starting today. First...I've added a new show with my "Hits and Grins" trio which will be in town again...at Puckett's downtown location this time. March 25 at 8:30 pm. Tomorrow morning I'm up to catch a ride with my other trio..."Evening In The Round" as Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself have a show in Brooksville Florida at the High Point Community Center in that retirement community we played last year. Should be great fun if we can beat the snow out of Nashville. I'll get home late Sunday night...and re-set for a run to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona that starts a week from tomorrow. All dates and info are listed on my calendar at billwhtyecomedy.com. TODAY Busy Thursday. I'm off to a studio today with my great songwriting friends Wynn Varble and Gerald Smith who have had a lot of hits between them. Wynn wrote "Waiting On A Woman" for Brad Paisley and "Have You Forgotten" by Darryl Worley to name two. Gerald used to be on Hee Haw as the "Georgia Quacker" and wrote "What Part of No" by Lorrie Morgan to name one. So...this will be a treat laying down a song we wrote together in studio They're both funny guys...but this particular song all of us like is a commercial idea...not comedy. We'll see what happens with the song later. TONIGHT Show time is 8:30 pm at the Listening Room Cafe on 2nd Avenue with "Hits and Grins". Hope to see some of you there. Have a great Thursday!

Little Snow This Morning

BILL BLOG Wednesday January 20, 2015 Woke up this morning with the sound of spitting ice hitting our wooden deck out back...little white stuff on the ground which is enough to shut down all of Tennessee. We panic here. An inch of snow will have folks pulling over and just leaving their cars. Grocery stores are packed the night before...schools are closed. In Milwaukee when I lived there...it took a TON of snow seemingly to shut down the schools. For me...it did force a songwriting appointment today. My problem is we have an asphalt drive that runs straight down hill and since I don't want to be that Olympian "Eddie The Eagle" and go flying off into Old Hickory Lake at the bottom of our hill...I'll wait for it to thaw around noon today before slipping out. Welcome to the south in winter. YESTERDAY I got together with my "Hits and Grins" trio out at Victoria Venier's place north of town. She, Steve Dean and myself have a show tomorrow night at the Listening Room on 2nd Avenue so we rehearsed a bit...but then started work on a new fun song that should work great for our "live" shows once we finish and polish it. We're hoping for a good turnout tomorrow...so if you're in town...make plans to join us. ON THE TRUMP FRONT A friend of mine who runs a comedy syndication service posted yesterday on his Facebook page...and I quote. "Did you hear that? That's the sound of every comedy writer in the world rejoicing". He posted this right after the Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump. I can only imagine the "Saturday Night Live" skit coming this weekend. Wonder if Tina Fey will show up and recreate her spot on Palin impersonation? CHER At the young age of 69...Cher just posed nude for a magazine cover. Not totally...strategic hand placement is used. 69 and nude. Hope for me to be on the front of Field and Stream in a few years wearing nothing but rubber waders in a stream. Look for it.

TODAY Tweaking some songs...and if it thaws out...off to the Y and the awaiting treadmill to help me get in shape for that magazine cover. Pretty sure know one wants to see these abs "as is" right now.

Have a great Wednesday.

Eagles and Dolly

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 19, 2016 Wow...cold...big time this morning. And of course...with the temps freezing I see a guy get out of his truck this morning at Starbucks and casually stroll across the parking lot wearing a t-shirt acting like it's June. This is the kind of guy that would sit in a freezing football stadium with several other buddies and spell out their favorite team's name on their chest. I smiled when I later read that it's only 30 days until Spring Training baseball camps open. Feeling warmer already. YESTERDAY My friend Steve Dean reminded me that it was MLK Day yesterday...so we honored that and took the day off from our scheduled writing appointment. Even songwriters can take an extra day every now and then and we did. We'll be getting together later this morning and make up for that. THE EAGLES I was really sad to read the news of Glenn Frey of the Eagles passing away. Twitter and Facebook has exploded with folks sharing how his and their music touched their lives. I mentioned something on my Facebook yesterday about how beauty fades but great songs live forever that lit up some conversation. This is proof. His catalog of songs will be sung for years and years and years. I have so many favorites I can't begin to name them. But for the record...there was one tucked on an album that I always loved. Not one of their biggest hits...but one of my personal favorites called "Ole 55". The harmony...man...the harmony. For many of my generation it was all about the "Beatles". I get that. But for many others including me...my band was "The Eagles". I'm sure that's because "country" ran through their music that appealed first to the rock charts when they came out. I saw their reunion tour when they came through Milwaukee one year. Best "live" concert I ever witnessed. I'll be looking for my vinyl copy of "Hotel California" to drop a needle on later today. Glenn Frey and Don Henley were an incredible team...hard on the help sometimes as the Eagles Documentary showed. But man did they give us great music forever. RIP. DOLLY Happy Birthday Dolly Parton. 70 years young today. From a poor upraising in a small town in Tennessee to a mega star. And still making great music and business decisions today. As a radio guy I've interviewed her a few times. Very quick on her feet...sharp...funny...self effacing. But the first time I met her was in a recording studio. Here's the story. I went to Nashville to record an album when I was young...very young with one of my first bands from Missouri. My manager Dean Raymer set it up. We recorded it at Fireside Studios in Nashville...owned by Porter and Dolly at the time. D.J Fontana who played drums for Elvis some was on a couple of tracks...so was Paul Franklin the great steel player with the Time Jumpers now and a multiple CMA award winner for instrumentalist of the year. The rest of the album was just us...me, David Powelson, Randy Wright and Mike Herndon. Young kids in a pro studio for the first time...wide eyed and nervous. And to top that off...the Kendalls produced it. The late Royce and his daughter Jeannie who had the smash it "Heaven's Just A Sin Away". So...I told you all of that to get to Dolly. We are recording...took a break...came out into the main control room...and there standing in the hallway with a little red bandana on was Dolly. I don't know why she was there but she was...and she'd been listening. She could not have been nicer. Now...this was before Dolly launched out on her own cutting ties with Porter...so a long time ago. Before we left...she made sure we went out of her studio with some Dolly and Porter albums...that I still have today. It's not an accident that she became a huge star. Happy Birthday Dolly...and thanks for being so kind to a bunch of young strangers way back when.

TODAY Off to write and rehearse with my "Hits and Grins" trio preparing for the musical road ahead.

Busy Weekend Of Music

BILL BLOG Monday January 18, 2016 Happy MLK Day. Freezing in Nashville on this holiday...I'm checking closets to see if I have a heavier coat. The predicted high is just 23 today but then we bounce back up to 52 on Friday. Shout out to my friend Dodge Raymer this morning. Get well Dodge! BUSY WEEKEND It started Friday night with my musical friends Victoria Venier and Steve Dean as our "Hits and Grins" trio played a show at Puckett's Grocery in Franklin, TN...our first show of the year...and it's the first time we've played since late November or so. When you have not played for that long...everyone's concern is whether they will remember chords, lyrics, harmony parts...etc. Turns out that it was like riding a familiar horse and we just had a great time in a room that included many friends...including my northern Missouri friend Becky Blackaby who was in town. Really great seeing her. And...if you have not checked out her video of "I Love Dolly" that the two of us wrote...check it out. Love this little song that does indeed tribute the Queen of wigs and makeup and other stuff....Ms Parton. Our next show is this week...Thursday night at the Listening Room on 2nd Avenue here in Music City. Show time is 8:30 pm. THE PROJECT And I had a chance to hang out with my friends Linda Davis and her husband Lang Scott from our other musical trio "Evening In The Round" and their daughters. Linda is going to be doing a lot more dates with Kenny Rogers in the future...more on that in later blog. But I will say I am THRILLED for my great friends wonderful news on this front. No one deserves it more. The family is in studio a bunch recording an Inspiration Album that is going to be special with Ricky Skaggs producing. I have a song that's in the mix there so I'm thrilled about that....and I had a chance to talk with their daughter Hillary about that as she's singing the lead on this song that I co-wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry which was written about her Grandfather who passed away last year. Can't wait for this album release...somewhere around Mother's Day seems to be the target. AND A MOVIE My wife and I also found time around the football games to sneak off an see 13 Hours....the Benghazi movie. Riveting. And it will leave many leaving the theater wondering how in the world we did not come to the aid of these soldiers fighting a modern day Alamo all by themselves. A little graphic towards the end of the long battle...but riveting. And John Krasinksi who I'm a big fan of...ever since first seeing him in the "Office"...was outstanding. If the story was "fiction" it would be great viewing. The fact that it's a true story from the fighters perspective makes it even more amazing to watch in my book. I read a New York paper review of the movie today and I love how the reviewer made this analogy. "This is a movie about thinkers vs doers". If you see the movie...you'll get that.

TODAY Off to write with my pal Steve Dean. Have a great MLK Day today...and dare to have a dream yourself.

Show Tonight In Franklin Tennessee

BILL BLOG Friday January 15, 2015 Ugly Friday so far...raining to start the weekend. Could be worse. It's mid-January and before El Nino'...global warming...Jim Cantore...that rain would be snow. Should be a good night for folks who want to get out of the weather and hear our "Hits and Grins" music tonight in Franklin, Tennessee. More on that at the end of today's blog. YESTERDAY I was on Music Row with a very talented young lady Lauren Mascitti who I talked about yesterday here. So so talented for her young age in a town that's full of talented young people. I'm always so blown away by what I hear when I'm in songwriting rooms with young people. When your are as talented as she is...word gets around quickly and she is already writing with some of Nashville's best writers who hear what I hear. Larry Gatlin, Shawn Camp, Matraca Berg, my friend Bobby Tomberlin...and the list goes on. What I really love about her is the fact that she loves the traditional side of things...and yesterday we wrote a bluegrass song together which was great fun. It will give her something a tad different for her catalog...always a good thing I think. Girl can sure sing. YOU KNOW YOU LIVE IN NASHVILLE WHEN... When the front page of the local newspaper is all about guitars. This one was talking about a collection of Gretsch Guitars that will be on display at our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The same guitar that you saw Chet Atkins play for years as well as Duane Eddy and others. If you would have bought a couple of these when they first came out years ago...no telling what they might be worth on the market today. And this is why some folks never throw out anything. VINCE GILL He's a big sports fan. I've mentioned before that when you go see Belmont play basketball....he's always there...a grad like my daughter...and he is INTO the game. He's always harassing the refs vocally which is funny to watch. Turns out he's also a huge hockey fan...at almost every Predator game. He and his youngest daughter...14 year old Corrina will sing the National Anthem before the NHL All Star game here in Music City. He's a season ticket holder...and again...he likes to taunt the opposition. Apparently he was close enough to the ice one night to taunt the oppositions Goon...and designated fighter so much that the player waved at him to come out on the ice and take him on. Vince laughed and shouted back that he couldn't skate...which made the hockey enforcer laugh himself. I laughed while I was typing that. DUMB BIRDS And since I'm thinking ocean now...how about how dumb seagulls are? Birds in general I think are not the brightest bulb in the animal world. Apparently if you put crumbs on your dashboard and you're near the water...seagulls will land on you hood and peck away forever at your windshield thinking they'll get to the bread crumbs. We have birds in the summer that are kamikaze as they keep flying into our windows and bouncing off stunned. One other seagull story. For the morning radio show I did in Milwaukee...we sent our designated "stunt boy"/producer named Jocephus (great guy and producer) out to the shoreline of Lake Michigan. He's on the cell phone with us on the radio. He smears peanut butter on the top of a bike helmet with bread crumbs...and we get to hear a seagull peck peck peck peck peck on the hard exterior of that helmet he's wearing. Yes...that's the high quality kind of stuff they paid me for. And life is good. TODAY Tuning the guitar...looking at lyric sheets...trying to decide what songs I'll be singing tonight for our "Hits and Grins" show in Franklin. Again...we start warbling at 8:30 pm. Food is really good...down home...southern. Think steak, taters, cornbread and sweet tea. And that's just dessert. Have a great weekend!

Warm Starbucks Moment

BILL BLOG Thursday January 14, 2015 I've got the powerball number this morning! The problem is...I have JUST the powerball number. The other 5 numbers let me down. So...I'll get my money back and hold it until it reaches in the billions again. So close! YESTERDAY I wrote a song for the first time with Australian Tamara Stewart. We'd met once when we both shared a stage for a songwriters show...one thing led to an e-mail exchange...and the next thing you know we're getting to know each other in a writing room on Music Row. You never know if you're going to click with another writer...and first time get together's are as much about getting to know each other and getting comfortable as it is writing an idea into music. I'm so glad this one happened. She was just great...and I've made a new friend who's moved over here full time. Looong way from home. Her husband...also a musician....is back in Australia with their house and his career...but he encouraged her to come over here after she had some success as an artist in Australia. She goes back and forth for now...but revealed it's been six months now since she's seen her husband. Somehow they are making it work...and both know that you do have to be here...to succeed here. It's an unreal commitment. I found we were similar in thought when she said she's all about not wanting to live with regret. I get that. So do most creative people. Whether she ever lands a number one hit or not (and she certainly has the talent to do that)...she will never wake up one morning thinking, "I wish I would have taken the chance". So...after finding out all of that...and waiting on her a bit because her car had broken down and had to be in the shop a bit before she could get to me...I find out she brought a GREAT idea into the writing room that she felt she had to write. Not only that...she had a wonderful melody for it that she played on guitar. Like a lot of folks in this crazy town...I write and write and write. Most of the songs are okay to good. But...when you write SOME songs...you know they're a cut above the pile of others. This may very well be one of those. And the fact that the song has a great message makes it even better for me. So here's to new music friends...and great songs. This is why I love this town. STARBUCKS I posted this on my Facebook Page this morning...but will repeat it here in case you don't follow me on FB. I'm up early as always...off to Starbucks....in the door at 5:30 am...and a woman and her little girl cued up in front of me. The little girl wanted money put on her credit card...the Mom wanted the same on hers. The little girl was SO excited to be at Starbucks. Wide eyed...asking the barista a ton of questions about all the goodies in the display case. Meanwhile...I'm trying to not go crazy from NEEDING SOME COFFEE! At my most impatient moment...a Grinch like thought overcame me and I remember being in the same position this Mom was in when my daughter was little...and everything in the world was new and exciting and deserved questions....oblivious to everything else going on around them. I calmed myself. Glad I did. After a very long wait...their order is in...Mom moves off to the left...but the little girl remains hopping up and down asking questions. I see the barista has my simple order of Grande Pike...black....held up over the little girl's head. I fish for money and he tells me "it's taken care of". The Mother...who I thought had no clue there was someone behind her about to shoot himself for lack of caffeine had paid for my coffee. I almost sheepishly said, "thank you". My faith in humanity was restored a little this morning.

TODAY Off to write with young talented Lauren Mascitti. Should be a fun day at the office.

Have a great Thursday!