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Be an angel and help me make my new CD!

Hi folks,

The time has come to start my new CD, tentatively titled, The Working Class Blues. Since the economy is tough, I can use a helping hand to get the project going.

Please take a minute or two check out my crowd-funding campaign. For as little as $5, you can help make art, and you don't even have to take guitar lessons!

Here's the link: https://igg.me/at/Ew0Mr4Gwk8I/x/12131617

Thank you very much!

Meet Dr. Fluffy!! She's so fluffy!!

Please visit my sister's beloved bunny's Facebook page.--she is so fluffy!


Patricia Silverberg now on Bandcamp!

My new EP, Don't Look Back, is now available on Bandcamp! Here is the link: www.patriciasilverberg.bandcamp.com.

Bandcamp allows artists to receive funds directly from fans. Other sites charge up to 40% for a purchase--and we never see that money. For example, if you buy a song from itunes--for .99, I get a measly 60 cents. Since I am an indie artist, I paid for the recordings, the guest artists, mastering and packaging! Trust me it was a bundle of cash.

So, bottom line if you haven't bought the EP yet, please choose Bandcamp. You can also buy just a single song. The selling price for a digital version of the EP is just $5.00 and $6.00 for the hard copy.

Anyway, enjoy!

EP update and Vally Fever info

Hi friends,

Just today, I received the master copy of my new EP, Don't Look Back. As you may know, this project has taken two years to complete. This has been no small task as I have been dealing with the disseminated form of Valley Fever (Cocodiomycosis)-- a serious fungal diease that has affected my whole body. While the infection has finally cleared, and I gaining strength and energy, I am left with a lot of pain. I have had to stop performing for now. Here is some info for you to read about the disease: http://www.ehow.com/about_5402311_coccidioidomycosis-joint-pain.html

While I am not performing (except for a short set at this year's Glendale Folk and Heritage Festival) , I am still actively working on my music. With the release of the new EP, I am undertaking a national radio campaign with the intention of growing my audience.

The hard-copy of the EP will be available online in about 8 weeks and in digital form on iTunes shortly after that. I will be posting MP3s on my web site soon for you to preview and will be creating a multimedia interactive presentation to launch the EP.

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you at the Glendale Folk Festival. I'll be playing on March 25 on the Adobe Stage at 10:30 am.

Patricia Silverberg on the Radio

Hey folks!!

While I am putting the final touches on my new EP, I have been also working getting radio for the 1st single of the new album, Tell Me Again and my 1st CD, As Simple as it Seems.

Just in the last two weeks, I have been played or added to the following radio stations:

* "Give Me Light" was spun on The Wimmins Show hosted by Deb Anderson on KZUM--89.3 FM from Lincoln, NE. My song was played on the same live show with such greats as Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, Beth Orton, and Cassandra Wilson. * Tell Me Again closed theRadio Crystal Blue's 5/19 broadcast. Tune in to hear the podcast at www.radiocrystalblu.net . * Several of my songs from Simple as it Seems are now in regular rotation on www.Amazradio.org -- the 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to preserving folk, Americana, and Indie music from Arizona and beyond.

Whoo-hoo!~~Play on!!

Arizona Singers Raise their Voices to Raise Funds for Singers Nation-Wide

Arizona folk singers gather to help singers across the nation. On Saturday, February 26, 2011, Patricia Silverberg, Mary Godfrey, Joe Bethancourt, Terry and Diane McCabe, and duo Jess Hawk Oakenstar and Kate deLaPointe (otherwise known as Wayward Maggie) take part in a benefit show for Society of Singers (SOS)—a non-profit dedicated to assisting professional singers across the country and across all genres. This wonderful life saving organization is struggling to keep its doors open and struggling to provide services such as rental and medical assistance to those in grave need. Patricia Silverberg, the benefit organizer states, “Society of Singers was there for me when it seemed the whole world turned its back. Even with two Master’s degrees, I was out of work for a year. SOS not only provided rental assistance, but also lots of personalized attention. I wasn’t a faceless, nameless welfare case. It is time to pay it forward and help them continue to help others.” The benefit takes place Saturday, February 26, 2011 at Fiddler's Dream, 1702 E. Glendale Ave, Phoenix. Doors open at 7 PM. Suggested donation is $10. The benefit features an autographed CD raffle, including those CDs donated by famous folk singers such as Natalie Merchant, The Indigo Girls, Lucinda Williams, Janis Ian, and Holly Near. For more information on Society of Singers please visit www.singers.org.

Special Lung Benefit show 11/21!

Please join me for a special benefit at Tempe's Sail Inn, Sunday 11/21/10. I will open the stage at 12:00 PM and music will continue until 1:00 AM. The benefit is hosted by Ms. Mary Godfrey who has played bass on some of my recordings. There will also be a raffle and silent auction. All proceeds will go directly to Sarcodisosis research

Suggested donation is $7 for the entire day of festivities.

The Sail Inn is located at 23 S. Farmer in Tempe.

Hope to see you there!

Recording update

Hey friends!!

My new EP, Hear My Song, is in the middle of production. Thanks to my collaboration with David Searle of Greenworld Records, the songs are coming out soulful and lovely. As a special bonus track, I will be adding my own version of the traditional "The House of the Rising Sun" inspired by the amazing and legendary Odetta. Adding to my guitar track, Joe Bethancourt will add his legendary banjo.

As a sneak preview of the EP, I posted two news songs on my web site: www.PatriciaSilverberg.com. Hope you check it out!

The Final Challenge Blog

Ah, the last blog of the challenge! Blog, sweet, blog. The challenge has made me get back on track, so I am very happy I decided to take part. I was on the very top of my game before the economy went sour and a pesky head injury occurred. While life presented its own challenges, I learned to slow down and enjoy life more, and now the Music Success challenge has revived my music passion. Since the blog challenge began, I reconstructed my web site, started using Blogger, increased my mailing list, and learned to celebrate my everyday successes. I also reached out to new booking agents both locally and in neighboring states. I haven’t become financially independent as a musician, but I am back to being focused and living up to my gifts. Now for this week’s challenge on Traditional PR. I did a few shows in San Diego last year, and I used this chapter when preparing press releases for gigs outside of Arizona. Her format for press releases is right on track as I asked my BFF who is on a label to check it out. For a press kit, I have been using SonicBids for over 5 years, and it is a great tool. I use it to send info to agents and know if they even bothered to open it and it has a tracking feature. I also print it out for festivals and such that require traditional press kits. It is a very easy to use, and I recommend it to everyone. I would say that folks need to be extremely careful about entering opportunities on the site—a lot are bogus—as I learned the hard way. I got a great entertainment lawyer now out my experience! I am the middle recording a fully orchestrated EP, and plan to follow up on Ariel’s suggestions with great attention. I feel if the recordings are going to launch my career even further as my 1st CD was bare bones. It has already received radio play, got me a local agent, and got a ton of gigs. It is time for me to move even further in my career. Like everyone else, I am struggling with the recession, but it is my plan to hire Ariel if I don’t win the blog challenge . Nonetheless, if I am unable to hire her or win the challenge, I plan to use all the advice in this chapter to get reviews and even market to a small label. I just need to patient and know things will work out for the best!

The Continuum Plan

Wow! This indeed is a challenge! I am having trouble enough getting people to buy CDs and Mp3s. I know a lot has to do with the economy as I have heard others are having the same issue. Here are some items I thought about for my continuum plan that are low cost. A lot of people on my mailing list are having financial trouble, and I don’t think as a folk singer I can sell items like t-shirts—at this point in my career anyway—maybe someday! 1. I already affiliated myself with Society of Singers (SOS) and in the process of staging a benefit. I may also raise funds for Sweet Relief, too! At the show offer a percentage of sales to the SOS. 2. Have a great EP release party with healthy munchies. There is a non-profit coffee shop in town that helps women overcome domestic violence. Maybe I can have the event there and offer them percent of sales. 3. Once the EP is released, offer specials on MP3s—99 cent downloads, etc. 4. Offer specials on purchasing the EP with the already released CD—make a donation to SOS with purchase. 5. Offer private gigs. I have been asked a few times—but no one wanted to pay me. So, we shall see about that. Anyway, so this past weekend, I did a raffle for a free CD at my acoustic venue gig. I got 6 new names on my mailing list. I play that venue often and never got one name. So, it worked. My friend Paul won the CD though—he had an “illegal” download of it the CD on his Ipod—now he is a legal copy. So funny!