Medicine Music / Artist Roster

  • Andy Gunn
    Andy Gunn
  • Charlie Roth
    Charlie Roth
  • Chuck Hawthorne
    Chuck Hawthorne
  • Cousti
  • DADDY the band
    DADDY the band
  • Dave Desmelik
    Dave Desmelik
  • Eric Hisaw
    Eric Hisaw
  • Forest Sun
    Forest Sun
  • Gerry Griffin
    Gerry Griffin
  • Gypsy Dave Smith
    Gypsy Dave Smith
  • Jane Gillman
    Jane Gillman
  • Janette Geri
    Janette Geri
  • John Lilly
    John Lilly
  • John Neilson
    John Neilson
  • Jon Garcia
    Jon Garcia
  • Kim beggs
    Kim beggs
  • Legendary Panama Red
    Legendary Panama Red
  • Lisa Haley & the Zydekats
    Lisa Haley & the Zyde…
  • Mark Mulholland
    Mark Mulholland
  • Mia Riddle and Her Band
    Mia Riddle and Her Ba…