Kim Tibbs / Press

"Kim, you were doing something so magical that I stopped playing to look over at you~~~"

Jazz Legend, Dr. Lonnie Smith

"Keep focused on the big picture. You're a great artist and I believe in you!"

Actor/Artist, Billy Ray Cyrus

“Hey...Can you create something again like, ...Like You???????? I'm your unconditional fan...”

Alison Macondray - Number One Music

“LIKE YOU---I've listened to this no less than 5 times today...And here we go again! AWESOME!”

Vickie Wolker - Number One Music

“Your tunes are simplistic. Easy to digest. Radio friendly. I am a huge fan and have been since I discovered you. I will continue to support you and recommend you to friends. I appreciate the hard work you put forth.”

Richard Swenson - Number One Music

“Hey! I believe you get a lot of encouragement from your fans and I hope my message will not be lost within many others. I just wanna show you my support. I really appreciate what you do...I think you got what it takes to reach stardom... Truly...”

Mui Cheung - Number One Music

“I love ALL of them: Each one is great.......but, Come On By!, A WINNER!”

Nancy Lawrence - Number One Music

“Amazed...I like Come On By! and I am feeling this track. Now it grows on me!”

Mui Cheung - Number One Music

“It is more than a pleasure to listen to Come On By! Daily. Thank you for being there and making such great music for us!”

Jonas Mcfarland - Number One Music

“Listened to you all the way home from work today! ...Like You has been listened to twice!”

Dennis Aldridge - Number One Music

“I must admit, ...Like You is fantastic & I like it so much!”

Dennis Alrdridge - Number One Music

“My friend and I had a great time listening to ya stuff at N1 today. I think it's awesome that you stepped outside mainstream sounds, took a chance and tried something different. We love the tracks and want to see your worldwide success. Got to have the album because we love this flow. ...Like You has become one of our new favorite songs! Thanks!”

Dennis Aldridge - Number One Music

“Hiiii I want to say thank you for all your tracks especially Make Me Smile Again. They've really helped me the last couple of weeks to buckle down and finish most of my projects! Keep it up!”

Dennis Aldridge - Number One Music

“U must be prepared to be the next biggest superstar on the scene! We all believe in you!”

Mark Duschack - Number One Music

“Hi! If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, ...Like You would be the tune in the background. My love for this one will never fade away...”

Bobbie Hurst - Number One Music

“I wanna let you know that I started my day with ...Like You...Your music is always with me!”

Wolfgang Hahn - Number One Music

“COME ON BY! Sounds soo great!”

Mui Cheung - Number One Music

“Ya know!!! Da bomb trakkkkszzzz)))) Keep it up! I def like "Like You"”

Lydia Nicholls - Number One Music

“I have listened to Come On By! many, many times and I still love it! It would be great if you could make a video for every song you have... Just my Imagination...”

Dennis Aldridge - Number One Music

“Well...I like MAKE ME SMILE AGAIN!”

Jonas Mcfarland - Number One Music

“Hey! I've shared your Make Me Smile Again on N1M charts. You're making your way up!”

Efren Chaney - Number One Music

“Hey I never thought I will come across such a great masterpiece here on number one music. I have to admit a new talent on the rise. I'm so tired of the same old melodies and you're like a breath of fresh air...”

Jasmine Priester - Number One Music

“I luv your Make Me Smile Again. I haven't heard all of your music yet, but I'm sure I will...”

Beth Dones - Number One Music

“I have no words to describe the magic of your music :)”

Hung Morin - Number One Music

“I would like to request that you send me your song.”

Max Gousse, Artistry/Virgin/Universal Music Group - Music Xray

“THIS IS Nice!”

Producer Cortex Farris, AMMP Management - Music Xray

“I'm fond of this song Make Me Smile Again!! Thank you for sharing your craft!”

Star 1955 - Number One Music

“Make Me Smile Again...My Favorite tune of yours!!!”

Nancy Lawrence - Number One Music

“I must say that Make Me Smile Again caught my attention; incredible stuff...Keep on!”

Mui Cheung - Number One Music

“Hi!!! ...For the whole day, I'm listening to ur music. I gave a link to ur songs to my friends from many countries...And they really like it...!!!! Thx!!!”

Roshel Wesley - Number One Music

“Wow! Come On By! --After first listening-- Mesmerizing! Can't stop listening to it!”

Luke Stepps - Number One Music

“I keep listening to you MAKE ME SMILE AGAIN...That is an awesome track. I just heard it again and it is already one of my favorites! :)”

Leonel Villanueva - Number One Music

"We all heard the organ and were looking at Charles standing and were confused because it sounded Sooooooo good! Amazing I can't believe that you play and sing like that!"

Producer Perry Margouleff - Willie Mitchell's Royal Studio

"You are simply amazing to watch when you play and sing..."

Legendary Paul Rodgers of Badd Company - Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios

"Girl, you are BADDD on the Organ! Wow!"

Legendary B-3 Organist Charles Hodges - Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios

"Kim, it was so amazing meeting and hanging out with you! We have to stay in touch!"

Mickey Smith, Guitarist of Ben Howard - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014

"Kim, you are such an amazingly, lovely person!"

India Bourne, Cello Player of Ben Howard... - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014

"Kim, I would like to jam with you and am definitely coming back to the United States and spending some time with you in Alabama! We have to work together..."

Ben Howard of UK based band, Ben Howard - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014

"Wow, you play Hammond Organ? You are beautiful!"

King Khan and the Shrines - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014

" Congratulations, Kimberly! On behalf of the President and the Board of Trustees at Berklee College of Music, I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Professional Studies Degree Program. Welcome to the next chapter in the pursuit of your life's passion! The applicant pool for this program was very competitive, and you should feel proud of this accomplishment. We believe that you will thrive in our degree program. We will challenge you and expect that you will engage with us to your fullest."

Carin Nuernberg, Berklee College of Music - Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

" I'm so proud of you: You being who you are and becoming the musician that God has called you to be! You ROCKKKKKKK! Love you!"

Artist/Organist Sam Pope Jr. - Facebook Fan Page

" Wow! Hammond Endorsement?! Go Kim!"

Organist David Trofort, Bermuda - Facebook Fan Page

"...I'm SO proud of you!"

Jacqueline Humphrey Turner - Facebook Fan Page

" I would just like to say that Kim Tibbs, I am madly in love with you! Lol. Seriously, I am absolutely amazed by your musical talents and think you are as awesome as you are beautiful!"

P. Boatman, NRP - Facebook Fan Page

" Good Morning Kim! You are a very beautiful woman along with your gift of music! May God Bless you from my heart!"

Andrew Cofield - Facebook Fan Page

" I LOVE your hair both ways!"

Erika Renee' Simmons - Double Stitch Twins, Chicago, Illinois

"Proud of you Kim to see that God has opened up another door for you as a songwriter..."

Travis Stukes - Facebook Fan Page

"So, when are you coming back to the Shoals? Still haven't gotten to record you yet! Crazy. Love to have ya!"

John Gifford III, Studio Technician at Fame Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, Al - F.A.M.E. Recording Studio, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

"Hi Kim! Welcome to the Hammond Family!"

Hammond Artist Jimmie Smith - Facebook

"You Are BEAUTIFUL..."

Actor/Filmmaker/Producer/Writer Tyler Perry - Facebook

“If a picture paints a thousand words, she's still saying, "Thank you, Lord!"”

Songwriter Susan Tucker - Facebook Fan Page

“Many fabulous musicians helped me accomplish this goal and their contributions are no small matter. The rhythm section of Jimbo Hart and Chad Gamble (Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit), the electric guitar stylings of my dear friend and psyche-pop guru, Cody Gaisser, the haunting and beautiful violin of the classically trained and outrageously inspired Kate Tayler, Hammond Artist Kim Tibbs on organ and backing vocals, Lou Murray (The Bear), Jess Rothstein (The Pyles) and Brittany Letsinger (The Valley Roots) on backing vocals, and special guests of unworldly caliber, songwriter and pianist Donnie Fritts and legendary saxophonist Harvey Thompson Sr.”

"Kim, you continue to put out good music and never get discouraged! It is so good to see fellow female musicians carrying the torch! If you find yourself in a situation like giving up, CALL ME!" Cheryl Cooley of KLYMAXX...

Cheryl Cooley of KLYMAXX

“All we have to say are two words: KIM TIBBS! Get ready because her sound takes you to another place and makes you remember just what true music is! ~~ The Knight Group, Los Angeles, California”

The Knight Group Management Firm

“Congratulations to Hammond Artist KIM TIBBS on her engagement to Chicago Musician Morris Mills. They're going to make beautiful music in many ways!”

Hammond Organ USA

“One Voice. . .Exotic. . .Beautiful Personality. . .Gorgeous Smile. . .10 Instruments. . .Pure Sound. . .Real Soul. . .From North Alabama, Hammond Artist Kim Tibbs, WILL leave you hungry for more! A musical genius and a legend in the making, she has all of the elements to make you want to rewind and hit play all over again. . .The world is not big enough for her sound so get ready because she is going to take the music scene by a complete surprise!”

Black Orchid Entertainment

“HMMMMMMM. . . I Like Kim Tibbs!”

Mr. Jerry Gaston Jr. - Facebook Fan Page

“Ask her about "Hammonds!" Ms. Kim Tibbs”

“Ask her about "Hammonds!" Ms. Kim Tibbs”

Melanie Reed - IGospel Starz

" You Play Like A Man!"

Lil' Terry, Bassplayer for Deep Rush Entertainment

“North Alabama has so many hidden talents, but it is a crime and a sin to pass KIM TIBBS by. Some may not take her craft serious, but I am sure that in the next few months and years, I won't have to say, "I Told You So..." She definitely can hit hard with the biggest artists in music because she can HIT HARD as a beautiful, talented, artsy, and totally human female...Listen to her because even though this is her first project, by far, this WILL NOT be her last...”

“First of all, if you have never been to North Alabama, you are missing a treat. There are so many hidden wonders: food, scenery, and Kim Tibbs...though she doesn't know me, I have been following her for some time thru the years actually. I have known her and the entire Tibbs Family for years. How is it that one family has a gene of music? Well it goes for hers. Everyone in her family can sing, play multiple instruments, and minister in the form of music! A child prodigy. Her father was a true pianist and organist. A pastor, but a father that loved his family and especially his children. If you knew of him, the you KNOW her. Kim is a well diversed and well-known organist within the southeastern parts of the United States. Why her sound is unique is because it is: MUSIC. Thru her adventures as a musician, she has seen a lot, done a lot, and although I know she puts all of her into her work, there is so much more that she WILL DO!”

“Kim, you are such a blessing to the kingdom of God...You and Leah touched us with every musical note. May none of us ever be the same. Thanks...Al...”

Community Leader for the city of Huntsville

“Kim Tibbs--Completely from Bobby Pin Diaries Original Soundtrack by Bobby Pin Diaries Original Soundtrack”

“Black Orchid Records Music recording artist Kim Tibbs will sing tonight, Friday, April 19, 2013, at the Huntsville community Interfaith Service of Solidarity in response to the violence in Boston.”

“Kim Tibbs and Leah Seawright will begin singing at 6:45 p..m tonight, Friday April 19, 2013, at community service Big Spring Park downtown.”

“Leah Seawright, standing and Kim Tibbs sing the second verse of "Amazing Grace" in a short concert that opened the Interfaith Service of Solidarity with Boston held at Big Spring Park in Huntsville tonight, Friday, April 19, 2013, as people begin to gather for the program that began about 15 minutes after this video was taped.”

“Huntsville Prayer Vigil encourages beginning peace on Earth through standing together. View the photo gallery. http://photos.al.com/4462/gallery/prayer_vigil_for_boston_marathon_victims/index.html”

“Tagged With Kim Tibbs--- This tape dropped this past week as well. Its called the Bobby Pin Diaries: The Soundtrack. It features artist like CeeCee Simon, Nala Grier, Jai-Love, Joi Tiffany, etc. Most definitely a all female cast that deserves the limelight right now. You can downlod the tape for free now on Bandcamp. http://bobbypindiariesoriginalsoundtrack.bandcamp.com/album/bobby-pin-diaries-original-soundtrack”

“Chris Simmons and Kim Tibbs will perform live in Humphrey's on Wednesday, April 3 at 8:00pm.”

“Huntsville, Alabama- Recording artist Kim Tibbs, who was worked with Percy Sledge, along with country music rising star Leah Seawright, who has shared a stage with Charlie Daniels, will provide music Huntsville's Interfaith Service of Solidarity in Big Spring Park tonight. Music will begin at 6:45p.m., with the short service of readins, prayers and music beginning at 7 p.m., said the Rev. Al Garrett, who is among the religious leaders of the Southeast Clergy Group who are planning the service.”

“Recording artists Kim Tibbs and Leah Seawright led the singing of "Let There Be Peace on Earth" as people passed flames from one candle to another, signifying the divine spark to be nurtured in each human being.”