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The Gashers / Press

“A great punk rock album, that’s right, great punk rock, something that I have a hard time finding anymore.”

“Big enough to fill the space left blank by other bands.”

“The music is raw, aggressive and pissed off, just the way Punk was meant to sound.”

“Some times you just need to shout and let off some steam. For that The Gashers come up Aces.”

“Thank God for straight-ahead punk.”

“Their motives are like their tattoos: proudly on display.”

“This is get the fuck up and have fun angry music.”

“Law is no Order manages to capture lighting in a bottle and is very loud, in your face sound and reckless.”

“If you feel like music is taking us in the wrong direction than rest assured The Gashers is taking us back in the right direction with Law is Not Order.”

“The music is 100% honest and pure. Trust me when I say this stuff can't be faked.”

“Law is not Order has everything the title implies and suggests something straight from the old school punk rock vault.”

“The Gashers capture something special as they bare their soul delivering pure musical mojo.”

“Law in not Order is an action packed production from start to finish.”

“The strong suit of “Law Is Not Order” is the passion and The Gashers' ability to write you a powerful piece of music via solid musicianship and a thought provoking message that speaks from their throat to your heart.”

“Singer/drummer Sandy Moreno barks out anti-authoritarian barbs while guitarist/singer Jason Hansen grips his instrument hard, like he was wrapping his hands around the throat of someone who just pissed him off.”