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The Famous / Press

"Deliciously raw and gritty songs with pure energy, rage and excitement"

“Come Home To Me (2010) leaves me feeling like I'm in another place. Where the music from an era before my time meets the one I exist in now. Where the raw foundations of classic rock 'n' roll are met with the modern edge of today. And in some funny way, I'm getting to experience what it's like to have lived in those times when music like this was fresh and new. These guys DO NOT mess around. The music is gorgeous... and you REALLY have to have a listen for yourself.”

“The Famous have an outstanding song, Come Home To Me, which has such power and emotion, it's right up there with a track you'd find on a Tom Waits or Nick Cave record. Yeah, they're that good.”

“The Famous arrange a standoff between the Pixies in a cowboy hat and Hank Williams on speed, six-shooters loaded with punk and rockabilly, and whaddya know - that bastard alt-country genre gets shot square in the forehead, with a stray bullet no less.”

“The Famous successfully combine the transcendent roar of punk with the brutal honesty and black wit of traditional country on Light, Sweet Crude”

“Best debut album of the year? Believe it, pardner.”

“The Famous are an American original”

“Distilled from the grains of traditional country but infused with power chords and scorching lead guitar...”

“Deep down and dirty swamp rock that breaks any perceived formula with the incredible, unclassifiable voice of Laurence Scott”