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Bohannons / Press

“Taking rock music and embedding it with hints of blues and country, Tennessee-based The Bohannons have created a mixture that has rarely been heard before. Coupled with an unusual subject matter, this track may well spark your curiosity and leave you keen to explore more of this band's "regionally-inspired" music. Take a listen with our free download.”

“The Bohannons seemed to have tapped their fractions of Native American blood to carve out this gutsy, stark collection. Or maybe it seeped into them from the east Tennessee earth...or maybe they have listened one to many times to Crazy Horse , or been to one too many Braves games. Distinctly dirty and new, haunted and alive UNAKA RISING is for those who feel cheated by the offerings of rock music for the last decade. The scalps of the 'singer songwriters' have been pulled back again, fists are returning to the air. Where are the protest songs? Here they are. MR”

MR - denverrockblog

“The Bohannan’s are a bit of a Tennessee institution, but the central tenant of their music is their unwavering commitment to making challenging records. Marty and Matt Bohannan have been at it for a while, but have experienced a bit of a renaissance as of late…their latest record Unaka Rising crystallizes their brand of Crazy Horse infused East Tennessee Noise Rock. These are not a bunch of early twenties kids that have stumbled onto Husker Du…make way, the Men are entering the room. The Bo’s are coming for you and there is nothing you can do about it. The mix political angst and fearful anger inject the release with an immediacy that is rare. This record demands an answer, just like a presidential candidate’s supporter accosting you on a Saturday morning while canvassing the neighborhood. You will love or you will hate it, but you will make a decision. And in an election year – this could be the most important record you will hear.”

“Are they country? Are they blues? Are they 70's Glam Metal? Yes”

“It's in the bloodstream of the Bohannons and in a sound that emphasizes that everyone seems to be getting through all of their problems, so what's the big deal? It's about the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that sniff around and take their prisoners and crown their winners, whenever they want. It's about embracing the ways that people are pulled. It's about being one of the buffalo and being one of the buffalo killers and some days being unable to tell the two apart. There's loneliness and pain all over the songs and the decent people are just as in need of salvation as the wrecked ones are. Everyone's got their debts and everyone's got their skeletons. They can all leave sweet scents trailing behind them, as Bohannon sings, "It seems the train has left it's tracks/She has rode right onto her back/Again/I love that sound." Something bad has happened, but what else is new? ”

“Brothers Matt and Marty Bohannon (along with bassist Josh Beaver and drummer Nick Sterchi) have produced ten brutally good and deceptively intricate songs dripping with snaky Southern guitar work, crunchy and crushing rhythms, and tastefully twangy vocal hooks that would make the Black Crowes proud. ”

Bill Colrus - Chattanooga Pulse

“It isn't very often that a band wins me over during the course of their set - I usually either love them or hate them immediately - but the Bohannons did just that: the set started off sounding like a disjointed cross between Lou Reed and Modest Mouse with a few country riffs thrown in, but it really came around. They've written a pretty cool set of tunes and they played tight with a ton of energy. The drummer is amazing. . ”

Chris Gray - ninebullets.org

“...the Bohannons boast spit and polish. adept at transporting you to a different time and place, in this instance the heyday of country rock minus the mopey pretensions of its contemporary practitioners.”

“The guitar sounds like a twin brother, As you can see the twin guitars drums, pedal steel on percussion, Axe To Grind second song was the first audience consists of the southern rock band Southern Nantomo reminiscent of keys. Over energy! ! The My Morning Jacket and The Band Of Heathens Drive-as if the American Rock Buriburi By Truckers. Southern rock riffs w 1-Class B, 4,5 In addition to playing solo rolled up in the middle of the last-Alt ~ from the pedal steel-Country songs 7-Crown Vic Blues is a stoner heavy blues songs. Recorded by STEVE ALBINI this album and what What was your job over Mr. Albini. Strangely satisfied. I have also steamed painful Jacket ~ Desho”

“i have not run across a record so difficult to pin down or explain than the bohannons’ debut record, days of echo. its not a metal record, but it kinda is, its not a southern rock influenced record, but it kinda is, and its definitely not an alt-country, whatever that is, record, but it kinda is. from what i hear though, they are straight metal, but i am not too sure about that. its like lead singer marty bohannon channels geddy lee fronting some weirder band than rush, minus the bass solos, thank goodness. when brother matt takes over the singing duties is when the alt-country banner is waved, as you can hear in the song provided below. whatever the hell it is, its fuckin awesome.”

“Very 70′s-arena-Southern-rock influenced without sounding too much like Skynyrd or any of the other variants. Good stuff.”

Noble - Degenerate Press

“The Bohannons: Days of Echo Great chemistry doesn’t come easy for a band, but when you hear it, you know. Whether it comes from almost ten years of playing together or familial bonds the brothers at the helm, The Bohannons have it. Their latest release, Days of Echo, is a short but explosive record that showcases the diverse yet perfectly cohesive styles of brothers Marty and Matt Bohannon. Marty’s affinity for punky, raw aggressiveness is both different and seamlessly matched with Matt’s down-home, rootsy rockers.”

CityBeat - CityBeat Belfast

“I don't know what's more impressive, the fact that the group seems to have written their own "Take Me To The Speedway" (Dexateens anthem) or that Steve Albini recorded their Days Of Echo EP [buy], the recent release that concludes with "Crown Vic." I love this song, with its coiled tension, angry build, and stinging guitar. Here's hoping the Brohannons use this as a sonic template in the future.”

“The resulting seven-song EP, "Days of Echo," was a year in the making. After The Bohannons hosted open sessions last winter at Chicago's Electrical Audio studio, the album passed hands from producer Steve Albini (The Pixies, Nirvana) to engineer Vance Powell (Jack White) of Nashville's Sputnik Sound. Guest musicians on the album include keyboardist Jimmy Matt Roland (Ghostfinger) and multi-instrumentalist John Spiegel (Freakwater). The Bohannons will kick off their support for "Days of Echo" with a CD release show Saturday at JJ's Bohemia with Black Diamond Heavies' vocalist/organist John Wesley Myers. Fans of The Bohannons will recognize the narrative country/blues-inflected sound from their previous efforts, but the band's presence on "Days" is bigger and beefier, and the mood is a bit darker. Although working with so many people has added many layers of complexity to the recording process, the results were well worth it, Bohannon said. ”

“When The Bohannons decided it was time to work on a follow-up to their 2008 sophomore release, "Bright White Light," they hit the road for Chicago. That may seem a strange decision for a Southern grunge rock band known for writing songs reflecting their Scenic City origins, but getting out of town was key to getting a new perspective on the music, said vocalist and co-founder Marty Bohannon. "So much of what we do and play is based on where we live and our perspective from inside where we live," he said. "Our motivation was to take it somewhere else and look at our material on a different scale. "That really brought something textural to the songs... really road-testing them and seeing them as an artist outside our comfort zone."”

“Most young bands start by emulating their heroes. On the EP Days of Echo, their third release, The Bohannons, led by brothers Marty and Matt Bohannon, leave little doubt as to their muse. The sound of the Sticky Fingers Stones is all over this record--both the rock 'n' roll and the country twang of that seminal album, which was made just down the road from here in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The meaty thrack of the drums in tandem with the guitars at the start of the opening track, "Six White Horses," makes their intentions clear: They are here to grab you by the collar and to bring you up close. It's a swaggering, Stones-y rocker, with Marty Bohannon adopting his finest I-don't-care sneer. That powerful opener sets the bar high for the rest of the record. For the most part, The Bohannons rise to it. contiued...”