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Ron Hutchens / Press

“Here is a case of a somewhat unheralded artist, Ron Hutchens, with more than a bit of talent. Quite a bit more than a bit, in fact. This project, Something In Blue, is a clear statement of what we sometimes miss when looking away from those who are not necessarily household names in the business. This artist, primarily a pianist/keyboardist who plays all of the instruments on this self-produced recording, may well be one of the better kept secrets in the world of smooth jazz, especially where incorporating a bit of electronica is concerned. One listen to the level of skill, the appealing phrasing, and the full grasp and insight of what works in this particulare arena of smooth jazz, and you are confronted with the realization that Hutchens just may know more than a little something about this genre.”

The Smooth Jazz Ride

“Most people have a favorite color and when it comes to Ron Hutchens I get the distinct impression that Ron’s favorite is blue. His latest CD is called “Something in Blue”, and fittingly each and every selection has blue as part of its title. It was one of these cuts that first pulled me to the sound of this Nashville based keyboardist. For all genuine lovers of music, I’m sure you can relate to hearing a track that completely draws you in the instant that you first hear it; so it was with Ron and “Steppin’ in Blue”! Here’s an outstanding piece and one that we were pleased to present as a feature selection on our Best of 2010 Review. So when it comes to the music of Ron Hutchens, I must admit, “Steppin’ in Blue” has become my favorite color too! Ted Hasiuk – Cafe Jazz Radio American Smooth Jazz Awards Internet Broadcaster of the Year nominee for 2010. Previous 3-time CSJA Broadcaster of the Year nominee in 2006, 2008, & 2009. ”

“We felt the instrumental leads were tuneful, interesting and well-articulated. There's no overplaying here, and nothing seems to be lacking either. Spot on. Above almost everything else, melody is an essential musical quality. Yours jumped out at us. Good melodies don't come easy, you should be proud. A good song structure generally has both repetition and surprise, and we thought you nailed it. Having a good arrangement, with the right instrumentation, helps give listeners a better sense of what's happening melodically and harmonically. Your arrangements were just right. Nice job. Hello Music - 2010 ”

"Ron Hutchens is a favorite here at www.usnewjazz.com. His style evokes a sensual, modern feeling that gives fans of contemporary jazz an exciting new twist with the keyboards. He is a master at this and a new talent not to be missed