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Linda Chorney / Press

"I'm so happy about Linda Chorney's "Emotional Jukebox" album being nominated, since she embodies what recorded music is meant to do-move you! Listening to the tracks of the album you'll feel the passion, honesty and courage of an artist that deserves all the attention she is finally getting." "I'm so happy about Linda Chorney's "Emotional Jukebox" album being nominated, since she embodies what recorded music is meant to do-move you! Listening to the tracks of the album you'll feel the passion, honesty and courage of an artist that deserves all the attention she is finally getting."

Will Lee - Artist Quote

“I had the pleasure of tracking an acoustic ballad with Linda Chorney at my favorite LA studio, East West. There is no place to hide on that kind of song, and Linda's soul and spirit spoke for themselves, she is the real deal. Both the song and her voice expressed the depth of a true artist. Having had the good fortune to play/record with some real deal artists myself, including The Brothers Johnson, Maia Sharp, Tom Morello, Jimmy Barnes, Ronnie Montrose, Thelma Houston, Sophie B Hawkins and Glenn Hughes, I know one when I see one.”

Edward Roth - personal quote

"Listening to Linda's cd is like taking a walk back in time with brand new shoes Louboutin perhaps?) Her voice is fresh with excitement and intent,the songs ...well crafted and imagined. Audio artistic with a wide range of love affairs... Lovely journey Chorney....."

“Linda's music is very personal and honest. And she's the first to call her genre "dysfunctional rock." Her songs go beyond traditional singer/songwriter fare.”

“So i did what any red-blooded Americana blogger would do – I Googled her. First off a video that appears to be centered on scuba diving in some tropical locale. She’s easy on the eyes, but how does she sound? First impression is Aimee Mann, Chrissie Hynde and Michelle Shocked on a serious Meet The Beatles! bender. I emailed her directly from her site. She can’t already have a layer of people to sift through for a conversation. I’m the the official GRAMMY folk/Americana blogger guy. I figure that that should account for something!”

“Armed only with a computer and some chutzpah, a longshot snuck through the back door and into the Grammy Awards competition this year. The resourceful Linda Chorney secured a Grammy nomination in the category of Americana album for her self-produced, self-released "Emotional Jukebox" by taking her mission directly to voters, employing the peer-to-peer function of the Recording Academy's own site for members, Grammy 365. ”

“So, with all due respect -- and great respect is due -- to Emmylou, Ry, Lucinda, and Levon: am I sorry that Linda Chorney was nominated? Not in the least. A little controversy is good for a category. Chorney represents what I imagine most Americana artists were like when the started out, except that (at least until now) she has not been able to grasp the brass ring. So Americana music will survive this insurgency, I'm sure.”

"Emotional Jukebox really turned out great.... Linda has written such great songs and the covers are arranged with a unique sense of vision. Love the mixes...and the feel of the whole package. Really proud to be a part of it."

“Plenty of independent artists score Grammy nominations and get from the nominations to the ceremony without much attention. Chorney might not have the spotlight shone in her eyes had she not wound up in an area that was bound to get extra scrutiny due to the Recording Academy's consolidation and reduction of categories. The American Roots field saw blues and folk scaled back to single categories from two each and regional roots music album was four old categories placed under one roof. Americana has been a category for just two years, separated from contemporary folk in 2009; its nominees and winners are such a who's who of music -- Mavis Stales, Levon Helm, Robert Plant, Steve Earle -- that it rarely includes musicians not considered legends.”

“A Grammy nominee from the Jersey Shore, that's who When the 2012 Grammy nominations were announced, fans of the Asbury Park music scene rejoiced — and it wasn't just for the nomination of Bruce Springsteen's The Promise package. Local artist Linda Chorney, a fixture on the NJ Shore scene and a regular performer at the Light of Day shows, received a nomination in the Best Americana Album category with her release Emotional Jukebox.”

“This is truly an exceptional record from a vastly underrated singer, songwriter and musician. This is not simply a “really good record for a local artist.” It is as good if not better than most of what is out in the marketplace today, wonderful original songs plus uniquely interpreted covers displaying great diversity, arrangements and musicianship all the while subtly telling a facinating story about a day in the life of all of us. “EMOTIONAL JUKEBOX” should be part of everyone’s collection. TRUST me, this is a record that you can REALLY dig into from beginning to end, every track front to back. They don’t often make them like this anymore…. Tony Pallagrosi on 1/27/2011 at 06:01 PM ”

“To experience Linda Chorney is to invoke your own past experiences. She can move you like a roller coaster ride, the kind of ups and downs that will make you scream. She will hook you with her wit, wisdom and creativity.”

“OK, so it’s no surprise that multiple Grammy winner and Jersey Shore resident Bruce Springsteen received another Grammy nomination yesterday. But what was a — most welcome — surprise was the nomination in the Best Americana Album category for local girl Linda Chorney. It’s a HUGE achievement for an independent artist like Chorney to get nominated, and should give a big boost to “Emotional Jukebox,” to my mind one of the most enjoyable discs I’ve listened to all year.”

“I could go on forever about LINDA CHORNEY, but I feel that you should definitely see and hear what she is all about for yourself. You can do so at www.lindachorney.com. ”

“Along with her great musical ability, CHORNEY also has an amazing quick-witted, engaging personality. On- and off-air, she relayed stories of her worldly travels and experiences. A scuba diver, Linda spoke of how she would barter dive time in exchange for her musical talents in the local tavern later on that evening. Literally having performed all over the U.S., as well as the world, she seems to have a fast-paced existence that fits her persona. ”

“Linda’s voice is welcoming and ‘70s traditional. She combines an organic sensibility that lulls the listener into her world with a lazy, summer day wave. Chorney never has to really pull you into that musical world; you go willingly, curious as to just what this mysterious creature has up her carnival sleeve.”

“If you ever schussed into Eagle's Nest for an afternoon break from skiing this season, you may have noticed a dark-haired singer rocking the crowd with her collection of sharp, original songs, like "You Suck." But while performing at the top of a ski mountain might seem unique, Linda Chorney has prepared for it with far more exotic gigs in her 30-year career. ”

“Linda Chorney is currently writing a book entitled, I only sleep with people who can't help me ("like diving instructors"). She plans to include a chapter about her favorite part of San Pedro. This, she states will read, "The most action I got while in San Pedro was blowing on a chicken's butt at the Chicken Drop held at Pier Lounge." ”

"She’s easy going and confident in a situation where many others would stumble over the closeness of the crowd. And she has the musical magic to make something like this special."

“Linda Chorney now numbers herself among the elite independent singer/songwriters hailing from out of state who now call the Jersey shore their home. “I have some lovable fans that come to just about every performance”