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The Kimberly Trip / Press

“They manage to turn some of the most basic of human experiences into musical hugs that make you realize that sometimes all you need is a change in perspective to make unpleasant memories and experiences rest a little easier in your mind.”

Alive and Kicking

“A simply amazing alterna-pop quintet. Not a weak moment on their disc... Kimberlina's voice is INCREDIBLE!”


“One of those rare bands that are actually interested in entertaining the audience, and they accomplish this goal wonderfully! CONSISTENTLY one of Sacramento's best drawing live acts.”

Sacramento News and Review

“This is where music should be headed. Kimberlina has the best voice in Sacramento, if not the world.”

Ricochet Magazine

“The band is tight -- musically AND vocally. I can hear Simon and Garfunkel type harmonies... The performance is mind blowing!”


“Sweet vocals over salty lyrics, and top of the line musicianship throughout. The music rocks without being deafening or chaotic, pop without being too sugar-smacked. 8 stars!!!”

Whisperin' and Hollerin' (UK)

“A summer blast of '80s guitar-rock intoxication, Oingo Boingo keyboards, and sweet-as-honey lead female vocals that are more beautiful than Gwen Stefani's could ever be.”

Reviewcentre (UK)

“And onto the night the King and his people celebrated for no other reason than the joy of hearing real music again.”

CD Reviews.com

“Their songs are pop-rock perfections wrapped up in a riddle of lyrical wit that doesn't try too hard to outwit or befuddle you with enigmatic word twists. The band as a whole is a unit of great songwriting with a talented knack for constructing perfect catchy hooks.”