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D.D. Bain / Songwriter / Comments

Blind Kaarma
Blind Kaarma  (1 day ago)

Beautiful messages! Beautiful music and arrangements!

Jonathan Warner
Jonathan Warner  (1 day ago)

Great music!

Madi White
Madi White  (3 days ago)

Wonderful music!

louis lebeck
louis lebeck  (7 days ago)

well written songs great music wish you the best

Maryjanerobi Originals
Maryjanerobi Originals  (8 days ago)

Great Work. Keep the music flowing. Maryjanerobi

Abdou Tabti
Abdou Tabti  (8 days ago)

nice work

Faith Morley
Faith Morley  (9 days ago)

River of peace is a lovely song :) Well done
Faith x

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (9 days ago)

Just passing by and listening to your tunes! Good way to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon.
DJ Antonio

Ace&Tbone  (12 days ago)

Nice work.. good lyrics, great style and perfect voice for your music... wish you and your muse all the best

Patrick Morgan /
Patrick Morgan /  (14 days ago)

Hello>>The Best of Luck On Reverbnation>>Nice Song's..Thank You...Patrick