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guest list 2009

waz up waz up waz up!!!

Buenos días heffas and heffettes. I know i said I was going to drop my next blog in February but I wanted to touch on a something real quick. Set the record straight if I may. It's regarding guest list in 2009. Like I said before I'm trying to only play shows that have a cover. Well at least when it's RPP or full band. I'm playing with some talented muscians and they, as well as myself, needs to get paid for our services. Now I'm not going to break the bank on ya and charge a $10 cover. I know nigs are getting laid off left and right. Bush F%^k up our economy. I can't wait till that mumbling mother plucker is out of office. January 20th .....................Barak Obama Time!!! That's another discussion for another day though. Anyway...back to the guest list. I know so many of you personally and would love to put you all on the guest list but I can't. If you think about it though... y'all have been on the guest list for the last 7 years..chello...FREE SHOWS. I will put one person outside of Baby C on the list though per show. This week Miss Larina Paldeth ( I think that's how you spell her last name) is on the list. As far as who I choose to put on there will be a surprise. Don't call me...I'll call you. Don't try and trick me by calling and asking me what the cover is cause if you do the conversation will go like this:

A conversation I had with my mom the other day:



Me: Chello?

Mom: Hey boy

Me: Who dis?

Mom: Stop playing

Me: Who?

Mom: It's yo mother fool

Me: oh what's up Buff muffins?

Mom: nothing...how you doing?

Me: Good just sitting here watching Gossip Girl...what you doing?

Mom: Keeping it real....so Brent (my brother) mentioned you were playing this Saturday Jan 10th at Flipnotics (barton springs location) at 10:15pm

Me: Yeah?

Mom: He also mentioned that the talented Mr Kalu James was opening up for you

Me: What you getting at moma?

Mom: So me and Sherman (my dad) were thinking about come in out. What's the cov...

Me: Stop right there Buff..I ain't got no room on the guest list...I told you one per show

Mom: Boy i brought you in to this world


Mom: What evs nig!

Me: I told you about calling me nig

Mom: Nonk

Me: What evs...$5...no exceptions...Well I gotta get back to my show...make sure you get there early ...seats are limited.....love you

Mom: Bye boy!

Me: Hollas

So you see no one is above cover in 2009...not even my moma. So make sure you hit up the ATM and cut back on the Jack in the box cause in 2009 you gotta pay cover to have a good time...Hollas

-RPP (ray prim project) http://www.reverbnation.com/rayprim