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D'Aych Music / Blog

Adapt Magazine editorial w/D'Aych

Check out the new editorial w/D'Aych and Adapt Magazine. Click the link & let me know what you think. http://issuu.com/unkonventionalmedia/docs/adaptmag_mar_apr_teaser?mode=window

Spotlight Radio Interview 2013

I will be having my 1st interview of 2013 w/Spotlight Radio this Saturday @1pm. Be sure to tune in to get a sneak peek on some of the things that will be going on for D'Aych in 2013. If you really want the inside scoop, be sure to tune...You don't want to miss it. Also, we'd like to get you involved with this interview. If you have any questions or comments for D'Aych please feel free to dial in @(714)459-3924. Lets start the new year off right. Tune in & tell a friend. Help spread the word. www.blogtalkradio.com/spotlightonlineradio


Ty to all of the new fan adds, and all of the recent "Supply & Demand V2" downloads. The numbers are growing very quickly, so I just wanted to say ty for the love and support. Its one thing to know that you're fulfilling your passion, but its another thing to know that other people are loving what you bring to the independent music scence. I would love to be able to connect w/you on Twitter. Connect w/me @ www.twitter.com/D_Aych. Let me know when you've added me to your friend list. Please feel free to leave comments on all of my social media pages about the music you've heard on my ReverbNation page. Ty again for all of your love, support, feedback and encouragement. Follow me on this journey bc I'm just getting started. Keep grindin', keep shinin'.


Ty to everyone who has been showing their support by watching my television airing & listening to my radio interviews. If you would like to connect w/me on Twitter feel free to contact me @ www.twitter.com/D_Aych Ty for all of the love, support and encouragement. Continue to keep me in your prayers as God is elevating the music ministry he has blessed me w/. Also, be sure to download the new music from "Supply & Demand V2". God bless and lets stay connected.

Sounds Of Gospel Interview-Based in Dallas TX

Don't forget to check out my exclusive interview w/Sounds of Gospel Radio. It begins @2pm www.sogradio.com Don't miss it!!! I guarantee that this will be my best interview so far. Tune in & tell a friend. Let me know what you think.

"The Word Network" TV airing in 86 million homes

Thank you for your support of getting the word out about my set being aired on "The Word Network". It will be airing next week Saturday on "The Word Network" station in 86 million homes and in 200 different countries around the globe. Please be sure to check it out and follow me on twitter for more updates 2 www.twitter.com/D_Aych. Thank you for all of the love, support, and encouragement. Make sure you download FREE songs from the "Supply & Demand V2" on my Reverb page. Also, be on the lookout for new tracks and a new video being uploaded in the very near future w/me and DJ Waxx Poetik.

UPCOMING TV PREMIERE- 86 million viewing audience

The time is drawing closer for us to FINALLY see the air time on "The Word Newtork" (The Lexi Show) for the "FRESH FIRE" showcase. This showcase will be airing in 86 million homes and in 200 countries around the world. Make sure you watch out for it this week...and next week too. Due to the fact that I was asked to close the show my portion of the "FRESH FIRE" showcase will either be airing this weekend or next Saturday....I just wanted to make sure I let you know ahead of time. Plz make sure you're wat ching out for it. I'm sending you this invite bc I'd hate for you to miss it. Plz help us to get the word out. Not only is this BIG for D'Aych Music, but this is big for independent artists around the globe. Ty in advance for your support. Also, I am available for booking. Contact me for any of your upcoming events @414-350-5305. Ty for all of your love, support, and encouragement. Much more is on the way


Ty for all of the support. You have helped "Supply & Demand V2-Yellow Tape Edition" to become a great digital success. Downloads and shares are different. The download numbers are alot higher than the share numbers plz continue to share the songs you hear that enjoy on my Reverb page on your various social media sites.

Within the next 2 weeks I will be adding 4 new tracks from the "Supply & Demand V2" project. Also, I will also be adding a new exclusive interview/freestyle that was recorded w/DJ Waxx Poetik. Also, don't forget D'Aych Music radio will be launching in 2013. Continue to follow me on this journey to greatness. www.twitter.com/D_Aych

"Supply & Demand V2" Review

I would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has taken time to check out the new music from my "Supply & Demand V2" project. All of the love and the respect that I've been receiving globally is truely a blessing. I'm blessed to be part of the independent music scene, and you can expect more quality music from D'Aych. Due to all of the hits and fans added to the list, I will definitely be in the number one spot out of Milwaukee within the next week-tops. Also, within the next week I will be adding more tracks from the new project on to my Reverb page. Plz feel free to help spread the word. I promise that those you share the music with will enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments plz feel free to hit me up. Also, if there are any upcoming events/concerts that you'd like for me to be part of contact me by inbox or @414-350-5305.


Today is the day!!! The new project is being released tonight @10:30pm. Please give me all of your feedback and let me know what you think about the new music. My prayer is that God touches you beyond your greatest expectations through the new music. Let me know what you think and feel free to share the new music on your various social media network sites.....more to come!!!!!!