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Faith, not fear

Now many of you may know that I am working on my first solo album, "The Awakening"....and out of that album I have been teasing you with the first single "Faith not Fear". I want to let you know why this song is so important to me and why I feel the need to share it first.

Being an artist is something that I can't run from, I've tried and it never works. It's not an easy road to follow your dreams and take the chances that are inevitable if you do want to make this your life. However, that road is paved with light when you finally learn to surrender and have Faith, not fear. This was a big lesson for me, and it brings me to this very amazing time in my life where I feel things coming to fruition. I personally came to this realization and took a huge leap of faith moving to Nashville and putting it all on the line so to speak, to make this music and share it with all of you. Everyday I am grateful for those who encouraged and helped me, and proud of my own strength and gumption :)

Faith not fear has become a sort of Mantra for me if you will, and it translates in all aspects of life. I've found myself sharing this phrase with those close to me, even strangers, and whenever I do we both have this moment where we can feel how it really is that simple. It's a very freeing feeling to realize that things do work out the way they are supposed to, and that when we worry and give in to fear, we literally block our own blessings. We all do it, I do all the time, second guessing ourselves and worrying that we will fail. Faith, I have learned is an action, and one that I strive to practice everyday, not just with music but with my relationships with others and the world in general.

So it is at this moment that I feel my faith has paid off. Soon I will be sharing with the world a song that I wrote when I took that leap and trusted myself. Trusted my abilities to do what I have always dreamed of and fulfill my potential, not only as an artist, but as a person. I hope you enjoy and feel as inspired as I have.


Misty Hamby
Misty Hamby  (about 2 years ago)

I can change that message slightly to fit me perfectly as of late, too: "Being a TEACHER is something that I can't run from, I've tried and it never works." I moved down to the Virgin Islands last year with the intentions of quitting my teaching profession (the second time since I began a decade ago), but it didn't take...WELL SAID!

Can't wait for the new album,