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Baluja / Blog

The Songs of Songs Unsung

I'm featuring the lyrics of Songs Unsung this week, including the recently recorded, Tight Connection. All 5 songs on my main page are interpretations of some of the most witty, biting, brilliant, and insightful lyrics on the planet. I hope you enjoy the presentation I put together for them. After you've listened, stop by https://www.reverbnation.com/songsunsung and let MJ know what a tremendous talent he has for words. And then take one of his many offerings, and put your own twist to it.

Thanks to the Flobe

I'd like to thank The Magneto Flobe for allowing me to step into their wonderful world of improvisational funk on Use Me. I had a blast working with the band. I'd also like to thank all the Flobeheads who stopped by their page, and by mine as well, to offer their positive feedback and support of our efforts. The Flobe has a large and loyal following, and it was pretty amazing to witness firsthand how many fans respond to their releases. I'm very grateful for all the connections I made through our association. It was a very exciting and productive weekend. Special thanks to da boi for his tireless efforts in making these recordings happen and for working hard to insure that they have a chance to be heard.

The Magneto Flobe
The Magneto Flobe  (3 months ago)

the pleasure was all ours, birthday boi!!!!! without your rich baritone, the song would never have been as good... THANK YOU... ya boi

Tampa Music Legend, Joe Lala, Passes Away

This passage was taken from Tedd Webb's Facebook page. Written by Arch Deal, It's a brief bio on Joe Lala, one of Tampa's most notable musicians, who passed away this morning at 7:00 a.m.

Arch Deal was a friend of Joe Lala, and offers this bio: "Joe Lala passed away early today in Tampa. Born in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida, from parents of Contessa Entellina, one of the Albanian minority community in Sicily, Lala started out playing the drums in several Florida bands, before making a huge success by forming the band Blues Image in 1966. Lala also sang lead vocals on occasion, most notably on the song "Leaving My Troubles Behind". Lala accumulated 32 Gold records, and 28 Platinum records during his music career. He played on the movie soundtracks of Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive, D.C. Cab, Streets of Fire. All the Right Moves, Breathless, Defiance, The Lonely Guy, and Airplane!.

A severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome ended Lala's career as a percussionist, but it opened the door to acting. His films include Active Stealth, Sugar Hill, On Deadly Ground, Deep Sleep, Havana (with Robert Redford), Out for Justice, Marked for Death, Eyewitness to Murder, and Born in East L.A., plus many more. Lala has made many appearances on TV shows like Miami Vice, General Hospital, Melrose Place, Seinfeld, and many others! I last saw Joe in Plant City at the Strawberry Picking Place! RIP, Joe.....Arch Deal"

Warm Wishes

I'd like to wish all those wonderful artists and fans that I've connected with here on Reverbnation the very best during the holidays and throughout the coming year. The impact you have had on my life is immeasurable. I look forward to continuing to share the blessings of creativity with each and every one of you in 2014.

Happy Thanksgiving

I'd like to give thanks for all the wonderful music that has been shared on Reverbnation, and for the inspiration that it has provided. I'd also like to thank all those who have reached out to me, listened to my music, commented, and/or given me the opportunity to affect their lives in some way. May you all have a blessed day with your loved ones, and may you continue to spread the healing powers of music throughout the world.

Closin' In On 2000

As I approach the auspicious 2000 mark for Reverbnation fans, I am prompted once again, to thank all the gifted artists and ardent listeners, for the time they have taken to stop in, say hello, browse through my profile page and catalog, and leave comments. I have been fortunate to strike up a few vital relationships and each day, I learn something new from each artist that I listen to. I hope to keep on reaching out and listening to all of you out there...of every age...in every genre...and hopefully, one day, we'll have fanned each other to the 20,000 mark. I'm open to anything you have to show me. I want to learn as much as I can from you. I love the inspiration your music provides me with. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

The More We Listen, The More We Learn

As I continue my quest on Reverbnation, I keep running into one talented artist after another, each with something very special to offer. Some have a familiar sound and some sound like nothing anyone's ever heard before. Some have unrefined talent and some are as polished as the most accomplished veterans. Some play jazz, some play folk...some rap, some rock. And we come from every corner of the globe to tell our tales. But regardless of what it is that sets us apart from each other, we all seem to come together under one unified theme: our love for music. Here, even the least talented among us can serve to inspire and teach. It's a simple equation...when we open our hearts, we expand our minds. The more we listen, the more we learn.

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (10 months ago)

Right on....I couldn't say it better! Glad you share your talent with us here...TH

The Opportunity To Be Heard

I realize that a lot of the activity on this site revolves around trying to promote our own individual works, and that some of us spend a great deal of time interacting here with one primary objective: to rise in rankings. I also realize that many of the comments made are generally kind and considerate, if not completely genuine. But more often than not, we still tend to make connections that are vital to who we are as artists. And we should never minimize the opportunity this site offers us...the opportunity to be heard. I've posted on all too many sites where no one gives you the time of day. They are more interested in visual images, personal exchanges, or sensationalized stories than music, unless perhaps, you're an established artist. Here, at least, the primary focus is on music, and those who drop by your page actually stop and listen, which is a pleasant departure from the social media norm that I have become accustomed to. So the next time you have to fight for a +1 on Google, a like on Facebook, or a retwwet on Twitter, remember your old buddy, Reverbnation, and be grateful for a site where your voice can be heard.

James Emerich
James Emerich  (11 months ago)

I agree with you , this is a great site. I enjoyed your music and videos.

Listen, Live, and Learn

As I continue my journey through Reverbnation, I find that I am pleasantly surprised at the quantity of quality material that can be found on this site. It seems as though every time I sit down and really listen to a group of artists, I find at least one or two that really stand out in a crowd. And even those who appear to be average deserve cudos for their efforts, for each one of us, from top to bottom, serves to inspire in one way or another. It's never easy to put your soul on display. But the end result is worth the risk. We are all a part of the circle of love that is music, and I believe we are better off because of that bond. I'd like to thank each and every one of you that have shared your experiences on this site and on other venues that are open to the public. As I listen to the stories of your lives, I learn a little bit more each day about my own. I look forward to more of the same positive associations I've had up until now. Long live the bond of music.

October Road
October Road  (12 months ago)

Very well stated. We are all in this together and every one of us...our experiences, joys, pains, feelings, writing, and artistic interpretation of the life around us...make up this colorful global musical tapestry. Reverbnation is a great site to take it all in and appreciate it and each other. All the best!

Varied Tastes

There are many talented artists on Reverbnation. Some have greater mass appeal than others, but it's good to know that even those whose music is for a much narrower listening audience have a stage here on which they can share their work. I've had a wonderful time exploring new frontiers and uncovering hidden treasures as I've listened to an array of artists in my own back yard, as well as to those across the country and across the globe. Some of them I've followed on other sites as well, and ultimately what all this following does is lead me through a succession of connections to other artists and fans with similar interests. What's even better is that this activity sometimes leads to a connection with others of varied tastes as well, and that is what inspires me to expand my horizons. As a writer, I tend to stay confined to what I know best, which at times, can be very restrictive. Listening to others is what pushes me to be better. That is why I keep coming back to this site...to listen...to observe...to learn.

kloudworks  (about 1 year ago)

Absolutely agreeing.