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Gord Downie and The Sadies

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has developed a website called the Swim Drink Fish Music Club in order to support their efforts in restoring environmental justice to Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes Basin. Go to www.waterkeeper.ca to learn more about the cause and how to help keep our natural water sources clean. Also, visit www.swimdrinkfishmusic.com to find out how to get some fantastic Canadian tunes and support the Waterkeepers while you're at it!

Here's an article from Swim Drink Fish introducing Gord Downie and the Sadies as their new featured artist for November. FYI, the only way to hear the full track is to become a member - so sign up!

The newest featured artist on Swim Drink Fish Music is Gord Downie in collaboration with The Sadies! Known across Canada as the frontman for The Tragically Hip and one of the country's most passionate defenders of clean water, Downie teamed up with The Sadies to record a classic Randy Newman track for Swim Drink Fish Music Club members: Louisiana 1927.

"The lyrics of Louisiana 1927 are haunting. They evoke a time and a place when people felt like government was turning its back on communities, sacrificing one group of people for the benefit of another. As we see our rights to safely swim, drink and fish disappear on Lake Ontario and across Canada, that sentiment resurfaces for me," says Gord Downie, artist and Trustee for Lake Ontario.

"It is an honour to include Gord and The Sadies in the Swim Drink Fish Music Club. Their performance on this track is incredible, and their commitment to clean, accessible water is inspiring," says Mark Mattson, Waterkeeper & President of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.